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For Sale: Klipsch X10 FS/FT

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For Sale:
Klipsch X10 FS/FT

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm selling my Klipsch X10 In-Ear monitors as well as my FiiO E7 w/L9 cable. I'll be willing to trade them for a UlitmateEars Triple.Fi 10, or other comparable IEM.
The Klipsch are in EXCELLENT, like new condition with all tips included. The leather box is in good condition, with signs of wear.
The FiiO E7 is also in good condition, no signs of wear, but the left channel of the DAC part is hit or miss. I recommended just using it as a portable amp with the Klipsch. The L9 is in good condition, modified to fit the IPhone 3GS Otterbox.
Any questions are welcome!!
This is a great all in one package for anyone wanting a warm setup for their I phones (up to 4s). EQing with the Audyssey app is wonderful with this setup!

EDITTTTT! Sold the E7+L9 to one of my buddies at school, now it's just the Klipsch!

IEM's I'm willing to trade for:
1. UE TF10
2. Etymotic ER4S/P
3. Shure SE315
4. Sony XBA-4/3
5. VSonic GR07
I'm also open to suggestions, main wants are, clear and present treble/mids, comfort, and durability. I'd prefer to wear them in the over ear fashion.
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More pics coming.
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Sorry for the post spamming, I can only upload one image per post on this phone.
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