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Music producer looking for advice on headphones.

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Hello, this is my first post here, hopefully first of many.


I've been producing music for about 10 years now, i have a cozy studio set up with pretty decent monitoring system acquired over the years. 


I never was a headphone guy, i mean i have headphones (hd25) which i use in my shows and for listening to music while im walking about. At home i also have a hi-fi audio system so i never really needed a pair of decent headphones. But now i do, over past few years i started travelling a lot for my live shows. The other day i was sitting in the train when a cool thought hit me, 'how cool it would be to have a decent set of headphones to mess with Ableton while im here' , or anywhere, in hotel room at night or if i stay in the city im playing at for few more days after the show, even if i go on holiday somewhere. So i started hitting up my colleagues, asking for tips, and they all came up with 100 different answers, then i started googling 'decent studio headphones' but it would be easier to shoot an ant in the leg than to find something informative in thousands of different articles about hundreds of different headphone models. 


So I decided to register here and try my luck, since this website got recommended by each and everyone of my colleagues as a place to go if i really have no idea what to pick up.


Please note that im not looking for top notch audiophile headphones, because, first of all, im an artist, who spends more than half of his money every month on some modular piece or just a regural synth which i wont ever use, and the other half on vinyl and some food if im lucky. And whats more important is that i dont want to rush and buy something mega hi-end as this wont be my nr. 1 choice when producing or listening to music. I simply want a decent model from which i could grow in to something more sophisticated if i do start enjoying the headphone experience more.


Lets set price range somewhere between 200-250£. I think thats more than enough for first set of headphones.


Ill provide some information so you can make your suggestions (if you want to) based on something:


I produce electronic music, abstract techno/dark ambient/lo-fi house stuff - it isnt too bass heavy, but bass is an important part in these genres as you know.


When it comes to listening to music, this is where i gets tricky with me, my collection consists of records from Sun O))) to John Coltrane, from Demdike Stare to Soley, from early Chicago Acid House to todays Noise and Post Punk, from Detroit Techno to Drone and Johnny Cash. I listen to every genre there is if the music captivates me in the ways i like. 


So i guess i need a rather universal set of headphones. Many people recommend AKG K 240 (the original) and AKG K 701 as a perfect sets to start my venture in to headphone world with, i had an opportunity to listen to them both, including AKG K 242 and i enjoyed the sound quite a lot (K 240 left the best impression, maybe thats a good option?). What are some good alternatives?


Remember, nothing too fancy.


Thank you.


P.S. portability isnt that important to me, headphones should be comfortable and look presentable ( i enjoyed the AKG brand look as well ) 

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I would think you will want a closed headphone to give you isolation and to prevent your fellow train passengers from being required to "enjoy" your music. Why not just take your HD25 on the road with you? I would think you would want consistency in sound no matter where you are. Or, how about the Sennheiser Momentum? They are quite good and have a balanced sound. In the AKG line, there are also closed 'phones - I just have not heard them.

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Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet...
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You might want to consider the Martin Logan Mikros 90, closed portables.



*understated, classic, compact and functional design

*offer very good isolation and suffer very little leakage

*highly resolving, balanced & extended across the frequency spectrum, tonally adept and musically satisfying

*may currently be purchased for under $100 USD



*optimal placement can be tricky

*clamping force might be tight for some users


Martin Logan website:



Head-Fi Thread:



Comparison (Sennheiser Amperior, Beyerdynamic DT-1350, Martin Logan Mikros 90, Yamaha HDH-200):



My Review/comparison w/KEF M500:




With the Mikros 90, you needn't be too sorry about your wallet.

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ATH WS99 is my top recommendation.
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Beyer DT880's are great I reckon for music mixing and composing. They sound nice and flat/neutral to me, have great resolution, are comfortable. I haven't heard the other recommendations for comparison but I prefer the DT880's to the Senn HD600's and 650's. Check them out. 

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Well, the DT880 and other open cans lack subbass which is crucial to the genre. Instead of the ATH WS99, I'll recommend the DT770 Pro 80 and AKG K550.
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I've never noticed, or I guess cared about a lack of sub bass in the DT880's. I've made a bunch of quite heavy bass music on them. But then I've also made a bunch of bass heavy music on NS-10's. :) DT770's I like also and are better I reckon for listening/mixing when traveling. 

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German Maestro GMP 400

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