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Excellent! Will look for some at Binny's.
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I just bought my mother in law a bottle of Ancnoc 12 YO. I'm going to buy it for myself next! I'm usually fonder of the peaty Islay malts, but this highland is the smoothest whiskey I've ever tasted. Judging by my MIL's reaction, it is a good 'gateway Scotch', as I don't believe she has ever enjoyed straight liquor of any kind prior to the Ancnoc. To my taste, there is nothing even remotely unlikeable about it. $50 Cdn for a bottle in Manitoba - probably a good deal cheaper in jurisdictions where booze is taxed less.
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
Excellent! Will look for some at Binny's.
OK, but don't hold me responsible if you get some rot-gut crap. Clynelish is more variable than any other distillery I know of. Some are great, others taste like dishwater (not that I've had personal experience drinking dishwater). Hope you get a good sample!
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Mmm, Islay
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I bought a bottle of Clynelish 14, and it's pretty good, but either I don't like it as much as Tyson does or I got one of the "dishwater" bottlings. However, I recently had a dram of Talisker 18, and it is my new favourite! Spicy, smokey, and smooth... can't wait to get myself a bottle.

EDIT: Now, three weeks later, the Clynelish is really growing on me. I guess it just took a bit of practice.
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
I have been REALLY enjoying Caol Ila 18. Nice Islay scotch - definitely petey like Laphroig, but VERY smooth. A good value for an 18 YO too. Very highly recommended - my new favorite scotch that's under $75/bottle.
One of my all-time favorites, though not all that well known. I've been trying to expose lots of folks to it when they come by my place. Really depends on whether the person trying it enjoys a peaty scotch.

Anyone tried either Flaming Heart or Spice Tree from Compass Box? I haven't opened them yet, but did try them at a tasting and was particularly impressed with the Flaming Heart... enough to buy both bottles.
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Seen too many people confined to concrete block walls, thin mattresses, a meager pillow and rubber sheets that took too much a liking to scotch.
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Originally Posted by Tyson View Post
Glenmorangie Burgandy Wood
Saw this at my local liquor store (which has greatly increased it's scotch section, much to my delight). Picked it up immediately because I had such a good memory of the Madiera Wood finish from this same distillery. Getting it home and in a glass, oh man oh man this is goooood stuff. My favorite bottling from this distillery, beating out the 15 and 18 year old pretty handily. Not only that it is so smooth and drinkable it is my #1 recommendation for people just getting in to scotch, or people that don't think scotch is "for them". It is a beautiful dram. Nose is the typical glenmorangie goodness, clove and honey, but with an addition of plum. Taste is reminiscent of baked plums and sugar/spice. Finish is also typical of Glenmorangie, looooong, malty and with a very late arrival of oak.

Glenmorangie 10
OK, I'm doing an about-face on the Glenmorangie distillery. Initially I must have had a bad bottle or something, cause the 10 year old is very, very good. Has a very slight sherry sweetness up front, but it transitions almost immediately to the typical Glenmorangie clove/honeysuckle flavor. A bit more "spicy" than the Glenmorangie Madiera wood, but less sweet. More clove and less honeysuckle. Add to that a full and smooth feel on the tongue, and I'd say its highly recommended.
I really enjoy the Glenmorangie 10 year and I have some good memories of the 12 and 18 year. I figured I'd really like the Glenmorangie Burgandy Wood as well but I'm not really enjoying it. I'm finding much more harsh than the 10 year. The 10 year is very smooth and sweet but I'm not getting that at all from the Burgandy. I picked the bottle up on sale for $30. I wonder if something was wrong with the batch.
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Originally Posted by Tyson View Post
Ardbeg 1977
Ah, another glass of whiskey that I happened to luck in to getting gratis at my favorite pub (helps to be on a first name basis with the owner). I will not mince words, this is the best glass of whisky I've had, ever. The peat is so light it's like it floats up on helium, and it is so smooth it does not have any "sting" in the nose even at full strength with no dilution. For taste, it's the absolute perfect blend of sweet malt and peat I've ever had. Stunningly good, phenomenal whisky. If you ever get a chance to try it, do not hesitate!
Oh, God yes! I was fortunate enough to get two bottles of it - and I made each one of them last a year. The only other Scotch I've had that was in its league was a Glenrothes 1976 - of course, as a Speysider, it was a completely different style, so it's like comparing apples to oranges.

Fortunately, I laid in a supply of Ardbeg 10 before its price skyrocketed. It's far less subtle than the 1977, but it's a beauty in its own right.

It's been at least three years since I last had a sip of Lagavulin 16, though... I was extremely upset to see its price jump from $50 to $80. I think I ought to get a bottle anyway, but it's going to be opened only once in a while.

Then, I discovered bourbon and rye... which have a lot to offer in their own way, and IMHO are a better value dollar for dollar (at least in the US).
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Mmmmm, reminded me that its been a while.
So I am zipping to a glass of Macallan right now..
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My collection is now up to 10 bottles (curse you Scotch-fi!). The standouts so far for me are:

Laphroaig Quarter Cask 10
Ardbeg 10
Lagavulin 16
Highland Park 12

When I finish any of the above bottles, I will immediately replace them with the same.

Almost as good, but not quite, are:
Clynelish 14
Bowmore 12
AnCnoc 12

In the sub-par category:
Glenfarclas 12
Glenfiddich 12
Springbank 10

Next on my shopping list:
Talisker 18 - tasted it once and it was amazing!
Caol Ila - not sure what age I'll get first
Laphroaig - something older than 10
Glenmorangie Burgundy - a very tasty dram!
The Maker's Mark bourbon - very drinkable and has an exciting flavour.
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i love scotch
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checking in

OK, here is some stuff I've tried in the past few months:

Glenlivet Nadura: A nice, spicy cask strength. Not what you'd expect from G'livent

Various Glenrothes: These come in cute little 100ml sampler packs. They are quite smooth, vaguely citrusy and plenty sweet. Kinda thin mouth feel.

Springbank 10: 100 proof. I love Springbanks....this one has the characteristic three stage effect: First malt, then sweet, then a very late peppery kick in the finish.

Ballantine 17. Very nice, dry, malty blend.

Teachers HIghland Cream: A lot like the Ballantine, but smokier. Terrific bargain.

Tomintoul 16: A lot like Glenlivet 15, but a little less oakey.
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Outstanding review, Tyson. Well done
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I'm an experimenter to a point, but I tend to stop when I find something I truly enjoy. I did it with the Lambda Normals, and by all accounts I've done it with scotch.

Anything from Islay makes me a happy panda. I've had a little from all 8 distilleries, and to a one I prefer them over most everything else I've tried. I particularly like the southern bottles, Ardbeg Laphroaig and Lagavulin, but everything else is wonderful too.

Thanks for the review, Tyson -- I'm now a feckless drunk.
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