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I am back to report that the Highland Park 33 I got from Binny's is wonderful. It's not that peaty, but it is incredibly complex tasting. It's smooth, yes, but don't read that as bland - it makes Macallan 15 taste positively bland by comparison. The HP 33 is just FULL of delicious flavors. Highly recommended.
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I cracked open the bottle of Glenrothes 1972 on new years. Verry pleasing. Starts off citrusy followed by carmel and finishes a bit smokey. Verry rich in flavor and an excellent scotch all around.
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Thanks Tyson, you and I have similar tastes in scotch - The Laphroaigs and Ardbegs top my list so far too! I now need to try more of your top picks, and then someday I'll check out your bourbon list.
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I just picked up a new Scotch the other day, The Macallan 10 Year Old Fine Oak. Very light and fruity, with hints of honey in the nose and a light sweetness in the finish. It's aged in a combination of sherry and bourbon casks. Great for those time when you want something not quite as assertive as the bigger, more peaty malts.
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Longmorn just came out with a 16 year old non-chillfiltered, highly recommended!
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And Bowmore has a 16 year old sherry aged, non-chill filtered special edition that is probably the best bowmore I've had.
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Laphroaig taste ok but I can't get over the smell. It's not very appealing to me.
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I recently got a bottle of the Aberlour Abunadh which is yummy--especially neat!
But I'll be damned if this bottle wasn't a little corked, just like a wine. Has anyone ever experienced this?
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Glenmorangie just started releasing their 12 year old line up in non-chillfiltered bottlings. Finally the 12's are on par w/the 10 and 15 year olds from this distillery. If you haven't tried the new bottlings, they are delicious.
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A friend recently gave me a bottle of Macallan Whisky Maker's Selection. I doesn't say how old it is, but it's absolutely delicious. I like it more than the Macallan 12 sherry oak.
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i've been enjoying a Glenrothes 1991. i'm mostly an Islay fan, but i must say i like this Speyside quite a bit for a change of pace. it's a little caramelly for me, but it's got enough going on that the sweetness is just part of the panorama.

someone at work trying to get on my good side heard that i like scotch, and got me a one liter bottle of Glenlivet 12. i guess i can serve it to the in-laws... or pour myself an occasional glass for drink number four.
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I have been REALLY enjoying Caol Ila 18. Nice Islay scotch - definitely petey like Laphroig, but VERY smooth. A good value for an 18 YO too. Very highly recommended - my new favorite scotch that's under $75/bottle.
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Coal Ila and Clynelish are both excellent, frequently overlooked scotches. Great choice Skylab!
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Thanks! Is Clynelish similar? Will have to try that next
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Clynelish is better At least IMHO.
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