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best of the blends

A little while ago I explored the cheaper blends available in my area. Among others, I remember I found the Black Douglas too peppery, Bells was quite good, Teachers about same quality but more grainy, Vat 69 surprisingly drinkable but completely one-dimensional, 100 Pipers was like aftershave, Black&White was similar. I should get out my notes so I can mention the others I tried, but I can tell you that IMO the best of the blends is John Samson. It's actually one of the cheaper ones, but it's not too spicy, just malty enough, nice colour and feels fairly layered. A dash of water opens it up nicely. So if you are 'strapped for cash' you should at least sample this bottle.
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Bargain Blends:

1. John Samson - as above; top choice
2. Strathspey - was only available briefly. Very malty rich. Cork stopper was a nice touch.
3. Bells - Quite good (although my first bottle spoiled halfway through), faintly malty
4. Grants - (in the triangular bottle) OK, grainy, unremarkable
5. Vat 69 - Drinkable, somewhat malty but utterly one-dimensional
6. Famous Grouse - Quite good; a little peppery for my taste
7. Teachers - OK-Good; grainy, not especially interesting
8. Black Douglas - OK, archetypal "cherry and oak", but much too spicy for me
9. Black&White - Not great. So smoky it screwed my sense of smell; I kept thinking the apartment must be on fire!
10. McAllister - Mediocre
11. 100 Pipers - Bad
12. Dewars - Aftershave
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I have found a new, and rather lovely tipple. Glenmorangie, The Quinta Ruban. Port-cask matured, it's wonderfully complex, still quite sweet, but not quite so sweet as, for instance, the Balvenie Doublewood, my previous beau.

It's gorgeous. Yum.
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Originally Posted by dbfreak View Post
...never been a Scotch drinker...
i don't like you either
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I love Scotch Wish I had a glass right now, it would make the work day go much faster
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^ Well, it would bring the workday to an end that much quicker, anyway!
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Tried Caol Ila 18 yesterday and fell in love... bought it right away. Sipping it now, relaxing to some good tunes, in bliss with my glass of scotch, E500, Diabolous IC, Hornet M and iPod combination.
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J & B with soda water.
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I know lots about Scotch,,,,,,single malt mainly,,,!!!
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Originally Posted by rb67 View Post
Has anyone tried Suntory Yamazaki 12? I was walking through the store today and I noticed 1 bottle for the quite nice price of $42. How is it, and how does it match up to the others? I'm thinking about replacing my 1/2 bottle of Glenfiddich (yeccch).
This is awesome stuff. I wouldn't know how to describe whiskey just yet, but it's the opposite of peaty. It's a great and must try.

I just got one today at 20 GBP from the X'mas market in Bath.
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I bought 33 year old Highland Park to share with my brother over XMas, but it's all I can do not to open it now and try it. It's supposed to be fabulous. Last couple Xmases I have gone with Johnny Blue, and a Talisker 25, but I'm hoping this will top those.
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Wow how come I never found this thread?


I guess that I spend all my beverage time out at whiskymag site.

Cheers, all
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Just showing my dedication - as of today:

215 - sealed bottles (single malt only)
732 - seperate single malts rated (big spreadsheet)
68 sample bottles to try
28 open bottles (I think I will have one now... )

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
I bought 33 year old Highland Park to share with my brother over XMas, but it's all I can do not to open it now and try it. It's supposed to be fabulous.
You must have been to Binny's. I wish that I lived there just for that reason.

It is a fabulous beverage. I had it about 2 months ago in SF at the WhiskyFest event.

Highland Park 33yo 1973 (54.4%, Original Bottling, WFSF07, binny's bottling, 1973-06, cask 13308)

We gave it 9/10, but I am sure if we sat down with the bottle and played a little bit with a drop of water or two it might creep up.

A yummy pair.......

So how do I get on your christmas list..?

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