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Originally Posted by Tyson View Post
Actually, I've had contrary experience, I've seen several people that didn't really like scotch all that much until they had a laphroaig, ardbeg, or lagavulin. This tends to be especially true of people who like expensive tequila, for some reason...
actually, that's me; i had a lagavulin16 and fell headlong in love with scotch; had some low-brand stuff before, but that hooked me good; still my favorite even
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Originally Posted by in_the_membrane View Post
That must be me you're talking about. Hated scotch until a dear friend of mine introduced me to the wonders of Islay. Scotch without peat does nothing for me. 16 YO Lagavulin is my favorite so far.

geez, that's weird eh? that one really is special isn't it?
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Originally Posted by Debaser86 View Post
LOL, I guess I'm not the only one whom this thread influenced into getting a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label. It's pretty good. I tend to like very smoky Islay single malts, and I think the Caol Ila in this provides just enough to satisfy.

I think I'll pour myself a dram of Caol Ila next
i'd have a hard time spending 50 bucks on any blend
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I am completely new to Scotch, only have a few bottles from local Costco

Tyson, your rating is so elabroate that it is a little hard for me to fully grasp. May I ask you to simplify a little as well as to use an "understandable" refereces like I tried below?

Top 12 regardless of price:
Ardbeg 1977
Clynelish 14
Springbank 12 - 175th Anniversary
Talisker 20
Mortlach 15
Bowmore 17
Macallan 25 ------ R10
Laphroag 10 Cask Strength -------- ATH-L3000
Highland Park 18
Bruichladdich 15
Longmorn 1973 - Signatory
Lagavulin 16 --------- 007 Omega II

Best under (or around) $40
Macallan 12 - New Triangle Label ----- HD650
Dalmore 12
Laphroaig 10 ------ K701
Ardbeg 10
Glenmorangie 10 ------ DT990
Scapa 12
Bowmore 12


not too sure which one is HE90 though

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Macallan Fine Oak 15

This is the "new" non-sherried Macallan. It has gotten some hype is Scotch circles and it really is quite different from the standard Macallans.

I happened to try this for the first time soon after the Glenlivet French Oak 15 which one would think ought to be a pretty apt comparison. To my taste these are VERY similar. The nose is cut grass and flowers with just a hint of malt. The mouthfeel is light with some oaky vanilla and some fruity overtones (the tropical fruits are stronger in the Glenlivet).

The big difference is in the finish. The Glenlivet transitions to some rather bitter oak. The Macallan also finishes a little hot, but there are some spices working and the vaguest suggestion of smoke. The finish is definitely smoother than the Glenlivet. I think the Macallan is definitely a little better, but it is also almost double the price!
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Johnnie Walker Gold Label--Centenary Blend.

This is quite different from the regular Gold (check out Tyson's description), though it is still a blend of 18yr olds. Without water this is very balanced with malt, sherry and sharp smoke hitting all at once. The finish is long, but not too different from the taste
Just a few drops of water changes it quite a bit--the slight sharpness of the initial attack is gone and it is very smooth, though the smoke now returns in the finish.
Very nice, but I prefer the Green label and perhaps even the regular Gold.
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Wow, I'm glad I found this. I've drinking Balvenie Doublewood 12 yr. and Glenlivet 12 as often as I have been able for just the last few years. Trying to stick to single malts until I can get the taste down, and then maybe I'll try some blends.

Well, once again the theory of simpler to more complex is riddled with caveats but it's a place to start.
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Aberlour 21year old and Dalmore 21 year old are my favorites. Bought these and a wide variety of others about 10 years ago in a little shop in the San Fernando Valley in CA that was recommended as a top choice for single malts. These are exceptionally fine after-dinner sipping whiskeys.
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Did any one see this story in Wired? I was curious if anyone had tried anything from Compass Box?
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i once sampled some springfield, was very nice flavour and consistancy, more of a cognac drinker now
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Originally Posted by will-san View Post
Did any one see this story in Wired? I was curious if anyone had tried anything from Compass Box?
can't seem to find any in Tokyo, dying to try Hedonism
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I read this news link this morning and thought I would pass it along. The world's most expensive scotches!
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...never been a Scotch drinker...
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Originally Posted by Zanth View Post
I read this news link this morning and thought I would pass it along. The world's most expensive scotches!
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Heh Heh, those are some nutty items! It is interesting that the sealed bottles have become collectors' items and will probably never be drunk.

I recently got a bottle of the Cragganmore 12. It seems a lot sweeter upfront than the last time I had it--I don't think it is just me... (?)
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