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Added more to my review of Scapa, and extended my top 5 to a top 10, and added a few scotches to the "best under $40" category.
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Wow, this is a really helpful thread. I've just started drinking scotch reccently and purchased Laphroaig 10yr from the reccomendations...very nice! Thank you for your help!
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Bowmores and Bruichladdichs are my favorites. I haven't had them in a while, but now that I've been reminded...
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could you try isle of jura and bushmill black and let us know what you think? thanks.
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Originally Posted by Tyson
Of course I only used distilled water since distilled water doesn't have a "flavor" of it's own to influence the flavor of the scotch.
I am sorry but I have to disagree. I find distilled water have their own flavor & odour too. I can easily distinguish that when I drink it. oh and I didn't read the rest of your post because i am not much of a scotch fan.
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Added a link to some good glasses. Also added the Glen Garioch impressions, and some updates to Glenlivet 18 and Glenrothes entries.
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I'm a Vodka man myself, but if I were going to give Scotch Whisky (note spelling) a go, where would I start? What would you recommend to a beginner who wants to indulge in the Uisge beatha
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1st rule, get a good glass (see link to good glasses in my post) and drink it like cognac (warmed by the hand). This will give you maximum flavor. Never, ever put ice in scotch (IMHO). Simply kills the taste.

OK, if you want a good overview of scotch for cheap, I'd suggest trying a representative scotch from each region.

Islay - Ardbeg 10 or Laphroaig 10
Highlands - Macallan 10 or Dalmore 12
Orkney - Scapa 12 or Highland Park 12
Lowlands - Auchentoshan 10
Campbeltown - any of the Springbanks

That should give you a good start. A lot of scotches have "family resemblances" to other scotches made in the same region, so if you find you like the Dalmore or Macallan best of the above, then try some Mortlach or Glenmorangie. If you like the Ardbeg or Laphroaig, then you might try Lagavulin or Talisker. If you like Highland Park or Scapa, well, those are the only 2 made in Orkney, so maybe try an older expression, the Highland Park 18 is very nice indeed. I'm not much of a lowland malt fan, so can't give much advice there. For Campbeltown, there's really nothing as quite as good as Springbank, but Glen Scotia is close.

The main thing is to try a varieity of scotches, since many of them have very different flavor profiles. Also, some scotches have been aged in barrels other than the traditional bourbon barrels, and those are very interesting to try as well. Ones finished in port wood barrels or Sherry wood barrels are particularly interesting.
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Added Mortlach 15 and Suntory 12.
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i prefer the 17 ardbeg way above the 10 arbeg..far more complexity..the 10 is too harsh, in your face. i personally like refinement, complexity. the 10-12 years have not the refinement of the 16-18, let alone the 25 years...which i must admit, 25 are better ones, perhaps sometimes too much oak, but more layers. i think ardbeg is for me the champ about layers. when i drink the arbeg i always thinking, what do i taste now... i must admit, the glenfarclas 25 is more beautifull...that's a real malt whisky. wowww, such a refinement. it's a malt that asks time of you to taste and think, it demands

if there is one malt i want to's the seems that this one is very very special..

perhaps the subject of the thread should be malt whisk(e)y
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That was just the best short impression list of scotches for me ever. Thanks man! I am going to try your fav
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what a wealth of knowledge! I am so impressed, i think you must do this for a living : P

I'm a relative scotch noob, having tried only a handful. To my inexperienced taste, macalan 12 was my favorite, way above black label, which is what i used to drink before i experienced the macalan. I bought a bottle for during finals week, to knock off the stress.

I'm going to try some of your recommendations, but i really don't even know where to begin. I eyed a bottle of springback 175th anniversary on ebay, at 99 buy it now.

Where do you recommend buying?
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What a great topic! My personal favorite is Macallan 18. I think that your comments on it nailed my impressions of it.

Picked this one up just as I was on the last serving of my previous bottle of Macallan 12. In direct comparison, I have to say that the 18 is certainly better than the 12, in that the 18 has a bit more complexity (a little pepper and even a touch of peat), but is it $70 better ($35 for the 12, $105 for the 18 )? IMO, no. The 12 is actually a little smoother, and while less complex, is a very enjoyable, straightforward scotch.
I was given a bottle of Macallan 25 as a gift for helping a friend get a job. Everyday it stares at me, begging me to taste it yet I resist! Not sure how much longer I can hold out.
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macallan it...why's there for drinking...
several years ago i planned to buy that one for becoming 25..but when i became 25, i hadn't the money for it...well, the macallan 30 will be my next promise
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Originally Posted by 19lexicon78
macallan it...why's there for drinking...
several years ago i planned to buy that one for becoming 25..but when i became 25, i hadn't the money for it...well, the macallan 30 will be my next promise
You know I was kind of thinking the same thing regarding drinking it. I had a choice between the 25 and the 30 and went with the 25. Having had the chance to taste both, the 25 for some reason tasted better to me.
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