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Hello, I was wondering if there were any replicas made for AD-700x's. I'm about to buy some tomorrow from a local ad site. I'm not sure if linking to a classified sites are allowed so I'm just going to repost the pictures on here.,mwBE6f2,Ql1CYGi,BktWyq6,gKrhfRU,EcincDE,yIzecGd,cmBrmPT


Here's what he has to say about the headphones. 


I am offering this pair of 100% Brand New Audiophile Quality Audio Technica ATH-A700X Headphones. They are brand new and never been used as you can see in the pictures. Got this pair from Japan directly couple months ago. They are very beautiful headphones with nice blue finish on earcups, which also provide very typical Audio Technica sound plus super comfortable experience. Please google for more reviews about these headphones to make sure this is what you want. Comes with everything included in the box. The MSRP of these headphones is $299 plus tax. I am asking for $110.


thank you lots!