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Newbie Question

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Here's what I want if such a thing exists

I lie in bed and listen to spotify on my iPad via headphones

Is there and AMP and DAC that I can stream my ipad to and plug my headphones into?

Thanks for your help

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I'm guessing you are looking for a dac/amp that plugs into your iPad, but here is another way:

Near my bed I have a Logitech Squeezebox Touch (with Spotify app loaded) connected to a Nuforce Icon HDP. I then purchased the iOS app iPeng which is a great way to remotely control the Squeezebox. That way you can easily control Spotify without getting up or using the limited Squeezebox remote.

Unfortunately the Squeezebox Touch is no longer made, so if you want to go that route you may need to buy used.

Otherwise there are amp/ dac devices that plug directly into the iPad, I just don't have experience with them so I can't give you advice there.
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