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Opinion on Etymotic MC2?

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I searched and didn't see any reviews. The old model of the MC2 is for sale for $20 on Amazon and Ebay. I have the HF3 and I love it. Is the MC2 horrible? I think I might get one just for the isolation, so I can ignore my better half while I'm working or trying to fall asleep...

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I own the mc5 and the hf5. I paid 60$ for the mc5 and wasn't worth it. For 20$ maybe yes. Well balanced but the sound is lifeless and uninteresting. Didn't like it


The thing is, I don't know any acceptable IEM for 20$ with a decent microphone like the mc2.

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You know what? After my last post, I decided to give them another try and listen a few songs, and they're not bad, the sound is natural, more of less the same bass quantity but not as detailed as the hf5, although the corpus is not small it's easy to achieve a good seal. I used them during my daily commute for a while when my main goal was isolation to listen music at low volume but now I drive. Actually is a good deal if we consider that there's nothing better for that price or more.
Listening right now Twigs -  Water me       and I'm enjoyed them :-)

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. That review makes them sound great, actually. I'm sure I won't like them as much as the hf3's, but sounds like they'll be sufficient for my purposes.
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