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Stepped Attenuator values

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I built the KGSS amp a few years ago and want to upgrade the pot to a switched att. Goldpoint do some and have been

looking at their specials. Have the older model(square Type) a bit cheaper than the present.

The KGSS has an input impedance of 50k and I know I should use a 50k Att. They don't have anymore of this value

but do have 25k. How detrimental would it be to fit this?.

The second question would be to buy the blank and fit Dale resistors(RN60). This being a series ATT what noise increase

could I expect. Or would I be better to get their assembled one with smd and have the acclaimed neglible noise.

To summarize are the Dale RN60 that much worse than what Goldpoint use with SMD.


Comments appreciated and Thanks.



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Same as or less valued attenuator should be fine. Besides Goldpoint, you can also look at DACT, and if there is enough space, these: http://www.akustyk.com/products_dale_shunt.html

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Since you're comfortable with DIY... For around that amount and if you're going to go with SMD anyways, I'd propose going with something like this: http://www.8thnote.eu/ or Joshua Tree?.


I'm using this in my latest amp and it's better than the shunt 24-step attenuators I used to make for myself. It's less difficult (no rings or odd soldering angles to deal with), has more resolution (128 vs 24, obviously) and you don't really have to solder that many resistors (14). You can customise whatever impedance you need in the future - there's a calculator to help you determine what terminating resistor you require.


You should already have a 15V dc supply from the KGSS that will easily feed this. Just for your consideration :)

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