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Sony MDR-R1 vs Sony V6

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Has anyone tried both of these headphones, and have any idea how they compare? A set of the V6s or the newer variants (can't remember the exact name of those) go for a lot less than the newer R1s, but I've seen some people saying that the V6 style is actually better. These would mostly be an at home set, used with my tablet. I'm willing to pay for the R1s, but if the V6s are better... I'll go for those! Which would I be better off with, assuming that I listen to a wide range of music without any sort of amplifiers or extra equipment? Or would I be better off with something else entirely? 

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I've heard them both and find the MDR 1R to be the better headphone but the V6 to be the better value if that makes any sense to you.

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Big fan of the 1R, but the V6 is one of my absolute favorite headphones because of the value.

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the only thing that screams cheap about the V6 is the earpads...

seriously though, the V6 family of headphones (including http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/755659-REG/Senal_SMH_1000_STUDIO_MONITOR_HEADPHONES.html) are the best general purpose cans on the market in terms of balanced package.
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Hmmm… well, not sure if this will help you, but FWIW I have the 1R, and the V6's cousin, the 7506. The 1R's are very comfortable, but IMO are geared more towards lifestyle / mobile listening, with their remote, right-angle jacks, and low impedance. I use my 7506's a lot more - they're my at work cans, and I use them with a Dragonfly DAC & Vali amp (as well as the Beyer velour pads). I absolutely love the sound of these, and they're very affordable. They're just so classic & awesome. I use my 1R's at home usually when I can't use my open-back X1's, and they're pretty good (as i mentioned, very comfortable). I don't usually power them, but will use a DAC. They're good, but I think I enjoy my work rig more - keep in mind that's with a tube amp.

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