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Dear Head-Fi Community,


A few days ago I bought an AKG Q701.

I am very very leek considering headphones, so I think it is the best idea to just tell you guys what I'm going to do with it.

I'm going to use the AKG Q701 (mainly) for electronic music producing.

The things I will produce will vary from classical to progressive house.


Now I have searched around on the internet a lot, and noticed that many people recommend an amp to go with it.

After buying a headphone like that, my budget is awfully low.


So basically my main question is :

In order for the AKG Q701 to fully function, do I really need an AMP, or would my computer (with an internal sound card on the motherboard) suffice ?


If the answer on this question is no, then I really wonder what kind of AMP I should buy.

Personally I really prefer a portable AMP because I also have a laptop. And I might be plugging my Q701 in my iPhone sometimes.


Basically when looking at an AMP the only thing I really want is for my Q701 to get all the power it needs to operate properly.

As long as it fulfills that function, I am happy with any AMP really.

My budget for an AMP would be 100 Euro's tops.


So for my second question:

What (portable) amp do you recommend for the AKG Q701 below 100 euro's while still maximizing the performance of the headphone ?


Thanks a lot in advance,

Kind regards,