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I bought a used IE80 from my friend over a year ago and I personally loved these headphones. I also had sennheiser I8 that I borrowed from one of myo ther friends. IE80 are an improvement from the sennheiser I8 in terms of a more balanced bass. Instead of buying a used IEM from a friend (who loses the receipt and i can't use the freakin warranty), I'd prefer to just buy a brand new IEM. So far I've been looking into buying a senheisier IE80 or an etymotic ER4PT.


I listen to a lot of game music like final fantasy, orchestra music (this is what I mainly listen to), piano solo, guitar duets, chorus/vocals, kpop, j-rock, and occasionally I listen to things like nujabes. I used my sennheisers for everything from working out, walking from class to class, airplane traveling, walking my dog, and studying. I've heard etymotic are durable but the sennheiser were pretty good in terms of working out and whatnot. I'm looking for a durable headphone that is portable and usable for just everyday things.


I've been worried about the microphonics of the etymotic ER4PT but the clarity/resolution of the mid range is something I'm definitely interested in and the sound isolation is just a plus. I've heard thatwith the etymotic it's as if you are at the concert hall or recording studio and the accuracy/clarity is just phenomenal. I'm definitively not a basshead because I hate it when the bass overpowers the mid ranges. I favor moreso balance and clairty between high, mid, and bass rather than having one range or two ranges standout and overpower everything.


 My price range is a maximum of $400 USD. I'm already leaning towards jst buying the etymotic but before I invest in that I wanted to know what the opinion of those who own sennheisier I8/IE80 and etymotic 4P/4S/4PT. Or if you've had etymotic or sennheisiers then would you recommend the same ones or other brands? I know I can't do/have every benefit but I value soundquality/balance more than being able to use it for working out. (It would be nice if I can still use them for walking my dog)


If I could I would just buy both etymotic and sennheisiers except Im a student so whatever I buy next is what I'm stuck with for a while haha. Please help!!