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So after doing so more research and with the help of some members here, I think I have narrowed down my first set of headphones to one of the above. When I went to try the M50s at Guitar Center, I really liked how they sounded, but I couldn't believe how quickly I had to take them off because of how uncomfortable they felt. The clamping force was really strong and my ears felt sweaty after less than 10 minutes. Someone pointed out that I can just buy some velour beyerdynamic pads and stretch out the band to reduce clamping pressure. So that definitely piqued my interest, as the lack of comfort was the only thing keeping me away from the M50s. I liked the v-shaped sound, and I didn't mind that the bass sounded a little muddied for some of my songs (I would trade punchy bass for accurate bass as long as the accuracy wasn't too terrible).


After perusing through several reviews and comparisons, I found the NVX XPT100s to be of interest. But since I can't try them at any stores locally, I don't have much to go on in terms of comfort and sound in comparison to the m50s. I like that the XPTs have detachable cables (I am buying a set for travel purposes mainly) and 2 sets of cables and ear pads. I also like the price point ($80 vs $130). However, I'm concerned about the fact that the cords plug into both ear pieces vs. just 1. Anyone have any issues with that? The only other thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on them is the difference in sound between the two. Anyone have any insights to add?

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