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Hi all,

Over the last few days I've been lurking on this site quite a bit, reading up on various headphone sets. I'm mainly wondering if I can find a reasonably priced set that offers some better sound than my faithful Sony XB300s. These are still working fine, and overall I've been very pleased with their performance. I spend a lot of time listening to music though, and while I use my speakers most of the time, I tend to use headphones when lounging on the couch with my iPad.

So, here's a very simple question (on the surface, at least - I realize this is all very subjective): is it worth seeking out a more expensive set? Will it offer that much difference? A couple possibilities that I've looked into:

Sony MDR-R1
Sony MDR-V6 (or whatever they're calling the current version of these)
Sennheiser HD 598
Sennheiser Momentum

That should give you an idea of the price range I'm looking at. Right now I'm probably leaning towards the MDR-R1s, but I'm willing to consider pretty much anything. I'm very interested in how they compare with what I am. In buying a new set, I think I'd be more concerned with finding something with more fidelity to the original recording than I have now, although I do enjoy some bass now and then.

I know it'd probably be helpful to describe what kind of music I listen to, but... I can't! I literally listen to anything and everything! My favorite artist is Bob Dylan (who, of course, records anything and everything), but you're liable to find me listening to classical, electronica, hard rock or bluegrass. So I definitely need something that's versatile enough to stand up to all of that. Thoughts?

EDIT: Lest I forget, it's probably also worth mentioning that these will be used at home. They won't be taken out often, if ever. While it's not always quiet here, noise cancelation isn't too big of a concern, although I don't have to share my music with everyone in the house, if that's possible.
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