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Closed Headphones for Rock Music

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I've just started looking into high quality headphones and I've been looking on the forums but keep finding mixed reviews of headphones. I mainly listen to rock/alt. rock/grunge.


I recently bought a pair of Grado sr80i but am now looking for a pair of closed headphones for use out of the house and I will be going off to college in the fall.


I've been looking at the Sony MDR-V6 but if there are better cans for my taste in music please give me suggestions. I've also looked at the Beyer dt770 but not sure what ohm rating is best.


My source of music is an iPod Nano 7th gen. I do not own an amp but would be willing to buy a portable one. I'm willing to spend up to $200 for both the amp and a pair of cans. 


Give me suggestions for new cans I'm a newbie with this stuff so any help with this would be awesome!


Thanks for your help!:L3000: 


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I think a lot of people would recommend the DT770 pro 80ohm if you want lots of bass with your rock music.
80ohm is easy enough to drive without an amp, but would benefit nicely from an amplifier if you wanted to get one
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I'm not a basshead but I do like to hear some punch with the bass. I'm not up with all the audiophile lingo so i don't know what to say on how i want the music to sound lol. I'm just looking for suggestions for some quality headphones for my taste in music

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The DT770 pros are considered bass heavy headphones but they keep the bass fairly tight still without it sounding bad.
As a fellow newbie myself I'm sure there's more experienced members than me around that hopefully will be able to advise you more.
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Momentum On ear
Mdr 1r
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bump... Anyone else have anything they would want to suggest?

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Hi, you should read about Shure Srh840, Soundmagic HP100 and Yamaha Hph Pro 500.

Best luck!
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MDR-1R has a pretty safe sound signature but you might end up liking other headphones if you like certain things emphasized more. I recommend you listen to some of these headphones if you can before buying.

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I'm not able to test any of these high end headphones because there aren't any stores nearby but I am thinking of getting the MDR-1R anyone ever try them out?

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I have. Bass is average (perhaps lower than), highs are average, mids are great, soundstage is great. They're comfortable, look good, and feel smooth. An easy recommendation.

The ATH ESW9a sounds similar, but the mids are emphasized in a more preferable way, the bass is slightly better on the ssw9a, and the soundstage is smaller. The 1r also looks cooler and is built better.
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