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For Sale: IC: Fostex T50rp with some mods

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For Sale:
IC: Fostex T50rp with some mods

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there, my T50rp is for sale.


I have used some dynamat and cotton on the inside, taped all vents but one, and put on some Hifiman pleather pads on them. Also recabled/balanced them with Canare Starquad L4E6S.


It was going to be a project to continually work on but funds do not allow me to do so, which is why they are for sale.


If you have to, I would imagine the mods are reversible except the recable as I decided to destroy the jack (I will have to do that no matter what as I wanted to balance them). Otherwise the dynamat can be peeled off and the tape/cotton can of course be disposed.


Offers welcomed!

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For Sale: $85 (AUD)
For Sale: $8 (AUD)
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Mine :gs1000smile:

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