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Are these earphones real?

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So today i finally decided to buy some JVC HA-FX3X's from the guy at this link: and guess what, hes out of stock! I want to order them today and i dont have a debit or credit card yet so i got a $25 prepaid debit card so i had to find another pair for $25 or less and i found a couple, but i want to check first with you guys. Go to that link and make sure it says sort by lowest price first. The first four are in my budget and i am thinking of getting the third one, but i dont know if they are legit or etc. Also, it takes atleast 12 days for them to get here from China! So i was thinking about getting the first one which (only) takes 9 days, but seems kinda sketchy to me; and i dont know if its a different model because it has "B" in it. 


So please help me out with that and leave some feedback, help. Thanks!



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Perhaps, this thread will help



JVC HA-FX3X fake vs. genuine

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CLOSED for now.

I got these: they should be here tommorow or at the latest, on Thursday this week, will do a review. I hear they need to be burned in for a while, no harm in trying, so ill do a pre and post burn in review. Will link to it for anyone interested.

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Check out my unboxing and semi-review (so far) of the JVC HA-FX1X's

Leave a like?

Ill be typing a full review maybe tomorrow! 


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