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Seattle Frye museum January 5th meet  

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We are currently at Von Trapps for the aftermeet. The meet, premeet breakfast was awesome.... Will post more will pics later, just thought to get this going
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I'm going to quote this over from the meet thread for @palmfish


Originally Posted by palmfish View Post

This was one of the more memorable meets we've had! The venue was just beautiful and it was fun talking with curious visitors. Our hosts were very gracious and accommodating, which really made the meet special.

Meet-wise, I was impressed with the Bakoon amp that seemed to have the liquidity of a tube amp with the detail of SS - really good match for the HD800. The LCD-2 I tried with the Bakoon also sounded great, with more treble extension than Ive ever heard from the notoriously dim Audeze.

I also got to finally audition the Beyer T1 and HiFiMan HE-6, which was long overdue! I thought the Beyer was impressive with terrific balanced sound and bass which was really well executed. I think it measures up well with the HD800 for sure. The HE-6 is easily the best sounding planar headphone I have heard yet. I was surprised that it is as dark as it is because I have always heard it described as bright. Maybe it was the amp, but I was very impressed with the bass. Its really an impressive headphone even if it isnt my cup of tea overall.

That is really about all I listened to today as I spent most of my time talking to friends and acquaintences - old and new. This is really a great group of people and its a pleasure to spend time and share this hobby with you all.

Shortie and I had to pass on dinner though...I must be getting old though because I was exhausted. Its been a long weekend and the kids are back to school tomorrow.

Until next meet... beerchug.gif
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This was my first Head-Fi meet and I think I might've been spoiled.. the venue was top notch and there just wasn't enough time between all the gear to hear and the paintings to see. I got there at noon and was the last one to set up (had the HE4 and the Audio GD in the corner of the room). After setting up I was roamed the room and had the pleasure to meet other head-fiers there.

The first rig I tried was the one next time mine, the HE6 with the Odyssey (sp?) amp and Audio GD Dac/Amp. What a greatly balanced HP that delivered well. There were no bright spikes, the bass reached deep with clarity and good quantity, and the midrange had no recess despite both sides of the sound being very present. Impressive indeed.

The second rig was the stock HD800 with the Eddie Current (sp?) amps. Soundstage, the hype lived up to it. After listening to several binaural recordings I was convinced these were one of the top dogs for depth and width. The highs were clear and the mids sounded just well balanced. I would've preferred a bit more bass but I'm somewhat of a bass head who's relearned to appreciate mids and highs along the way. :)

Next to the HD800s were LCD 3s which I plugged into the same amp. Boy these were the highlight for day! The sound was just so luscious and had truly brought out the tube amp's wet sound, the bass reached deep and had great impact and to me, the highs were just right. (I like darker phones). It was nirvana.

I got to try out HE500s on a Audio-GD Dac and a LISA3 amp. They sounded fantastic with an emphasis on midrange. The highs didn't have any peaky harshness, but had good presence and the lows had a nice balance to the mids as well.

I'll write more about other phones later on but I just want to say what a fantastic event you guys put together. Everyone there was very friendly and you can tell the enthusiasm people had for the hobby. I went in there felt welcomed immediately. A big round of applause for the organizers, I had an amazing time and can't wait for the next meet!

If anyone doesn't want their picture on my post, please feel free to PM and point out which one and I'll remove it with no questions.

Here are a few shots out of my cell phone from today:










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Palmfish summarized it very well. An amazing meet in awesome surroundings. I kept wanting to be selfish, queue up some Mozart and just absorb the art. So many visual and auditory experiences. The SAA mod HD800 were a special experience as was Doc's Mainline. Anyone that fancies OTL should have listened to Palmfish's Crack with CBS Hytron tubes. Very nice. I appreciate the exposure to new music as one very important aspect of these meets. At least 6 new albums on my acquisition list, none of which I would have come across on my own. Thank-you all, and especially thanks to Gil our organizer and all of our hosts.
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I think it is fair to everyone if you get your pic at a meet it is OK. It is part of the meet to share the experience the event. I will post it for the next meet that your pic will be taken and is part of the meet.... Just to keep things less complicated.
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i would also like to second Palmfish's impressions. wonderful venue, extraordinary, welcoming staff and very nice community...for the most part.


as not everyone was identifiable i can not name names and i am not out to start a flame war.


however, if you are sent to a table to set up due to a late arrival it is not cool to:


push the gear already there to the edge of the table where it can fall and be damaged.


set your gear on top of what is already there potentially damaging it (hey, its only a 6th gen iPod Classic 160GB without a case, but it is the only one i have.)


my wife and i were having a great time, listening to gear we can only aspire to, learning from really nice folks who have been in the hobby for much longer, it was a trusting and trustworthy event.


so much so that we dropped out for a bit to get a bite and came back to find the above situation. rather than create a scene, we left early, missing out on some things we really were hoping to check out.


this is the second meet that we have attended. our situation limits our participation in the hobby to the mid-fi level, we come to learn and to share what we have as most of our listening is on the go and we think we have chosen gear that can provide pleasure in that activity. we were hurt that others there do not share nearly as nicely.


that said:


to Miceblue, you are a very bad man to let me listen to your Stax as i now have to consider selling one of the children into indentured servitude. to Samuel, the GYTW now wants K701's for "at home." (turn it down before you end up like me!) to the un-ided gentleman next to us with the Maddogs, i love your cans! to Palmfish thanks for your kindness in describing the sound of my Kandy Kolored Beaters. to the gentleman sharing the table with Samuel, the GYTW also wants LCD3's to go with the K701's for "at home" as well. to Curbfeeler, we do need to sell the kids into a safe place so we can drink a beer (or three) with you at the after-meet. to Doc B i will take you up on the offer for soldering lessons as soon as i can talk the GYTW into some higher impedance Shortiefish, thanks for answering my odd question about the PortaPros.



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I had a good time, though it was hard to listen with all the noise in the room :P

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It was seriously fun, got to hear every one of the headphones I have been only dreaming about until now, but I missed the LCD-3's somehow but was impressed enough by the LCD-2 that listening to the 3's would have probably been overkill for sure. I certainly heard some fantastic phones and amps, the Liquid Fire was just an unreal experience, so incredibly musical I kept wondering if there was any way I could possibly sell some body part to be able to afford one. I can see that this event is going to end up costing me some serious money down the road, but well worth it!

 And a big thanks to Glen for the ride!

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Looks like I got my picture taken wink.gif. I had a really fun time. So much to talk about, here are a few:

HD650 - I may need to go get these soon. Wow. HD650 got a nice darker sound (than what I am used to) to them while maintaining the bass. I am happy to have experienced what so many are talking about.

HD800 w/ Eddie Current - I really enjoyed the HD800s... I must try these in a quiet room sometime. The best soundstage I've heard in a while.

LCD-3 - I've spent many hours listening to the LCD-2 demos in Definitive audio, and oh boy, do I love the. So naturally I had high expectations for these LCD-3s. Sometimes high expectations can work against you, but not in this case. The highs were just right and the bass was outstanding.

Mr speaker mad dogs - I really enjoyed these. As an owner of the HE-400... I do prefer the "openness" of the HE-400. Some may say the realism (or aspects that create the realism) of the HE-400 can be fatiguing. They are different.

HE-6 - Man, these are some of the best sounding planar headphones. It has all the best parts of the HE-400, slightly done better and has much more. These were a delight.

Beyerdynamic T1 w/ Eddie Current amp - these were really fun to listen to.

Burson conductor - This dac/amp is real nice and are fun to use. Really solid piece. It really complements the..

Schitt Lyr + Schitt Bifrost - I totally saw what the owner was going for here complementing them with the conductor. I really liked the warmth of the Lyr. I am used to use a SS amp, but appreciate the warmth in the music it creates.

Bottleneck group - I am really interested in the DIY audio. I am glad I got to try these because now I know what I would be getting myself into. With that said, I may need to buy a kit soon wink.gif I do not own high impediments headphones, but if I ever do the crack will be on my mind.

Highlights of the day. First I may say, everyone has different tastes in music and different budgets. smily_headphones1.gif
With that said, the LCD-3 and the HD800 were the best part of the day for me.

Thanks everyone for participating and sharing.
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I had never been to a festivity inside an airlocked room,  as contained withing the space I must say...  It was a true work of art. I had the chance to talk to a few individuals in which I did learn a few technical aspects about the some of the materials used in the industry today, I did chat with security, I chatted with quiet a few knowledgeable people that have some great equipment, fantastic equipment.. I was very glad that I come to the presentation to see the techniques and the understanding of Musical gear as a technical display as it was presented  '  and...  this kind of get's me thinking...   


that was excellent...  


 I.e.  christopher James..  


 thanks for letting me listen to your headphones I'm thinking I need to Change my screen name,  build an amplifier..  drink some more tea.. listen to some more music..  it was great to meet with you folk afterwards..   I hope you had fun with your Ball game,  I hope you like that AC/DC.. and yah that was an excellent exhibit..!!!   thank you guys.. I just got home from rollerskating..  and I feel like eating some pizza..  :)  that was so neat.. I feel a pretty good smile.. coming on.. :):):)  that was an excellent day..  !!   ...      excellent...!! 

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I'll post stuff later, but in the mean time, I'll subscribe to this thread. smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks to the very nice folks at the Frye for being such gracious hosts with their lovely venue, and thanks to Gil and the Seattle Head Fi posse for pulling this meet off on short notice. Queenie and I had a great time chatting with everyone. Seeing so many new faces at a meet was very encouraging.
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Really really well done! My first meet, and it won't be the last. Packed with "enthused enthusiasts" and great gear in great setups providing revealing listening even in the noisy room! The respectful plugging, unplugging, and borrowing was much appreciated. Most fun -- the general public that took the time to sit down. Seeing the huge "wow" smiles of someone listening to the Stax rig reminds me of many years ago first hearing high fidelity. I know some of those newbies are going to be shopping for cans & other gear this winter. More Head-Fiers!!!

Thanks to Gil, miceblue, & mochimon for the advance postings--it was very smooth from the time we got there. Thanks to Hank for the heavy lifting. And how good is the Frye staff? Couldn't be better. I'll send them a separate shout-out for sure.

Sorry I couldn't make Von Trapp's, especially since I'm also a beer hunter.
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