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In anticipation of the arrival of my Alpha Dogs, I was considering a home amp system.  I have an SR-71A, and am very much looking forward to that portable pairing, but was uncertain whether I should use the SR 71A all the time and just buy batteries as needed, or whether a home amp would be a way to go. (Because of the great enjoyment I've gotten from the SR-71A and my Tomahawk, I was specifically looking in the direction of Ray Samuels Audio, for either the Raptor or the XP-7).


In the brief bit of research I've done, it appears that home amps assume that the user will be hooking up either a computer or other dedicated components with either RCA or balanced terminals.  However, this would be essentially a bedside system--something to listen to as I doze off, or as my wife watches TV.  I had hoped that I could just plug in my iPhone or IPad and enjoy.  But... since the home equipment seems to assume RCA or balanced equipment, am I incorrect to dock up an i-product to high-end audio?


I do see that Moon Audio makes a i-product to RCA cable.  So, maybe I'm not 100% crazy.


When I asked Mr. Samuels, he did take the time to advise that the better the input, the better the output.  And while I definitely appreciated his time, the answer is not necessarily complete.  After all, I'm running the SR-71A with i-Stuff.


So, I thought I understood what Mr. Samuels was saying, but I was hoping someone here could shed some light on their own experience with home amps and iPods or other input.


Of course, if you have any recommendations on equipment, it will also be appreciated.