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Sub-100 DAC?

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I am looking to get a DAC for somewhere around 100 or under. It doesn't need to be portable but I guess if it was that would be a plus, also it doesn't need to have an amp with it. I am mainly going to be using it when sitting at my desk and with Sennheiser HD650's. Thanks.

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Best Luck!

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What is your source? A PC? Why do you want a DAC?
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Well I guess my source is a PC. It is then ran through my yamaha receiver and then into my headphones.

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OK - so you are going to go from the PC into the DAC and then into the receiver? Cool - that makes sense. The Schitt is a nice little unit, or if you want something a bit less expensive, you could try a Fiio E10 (it has both a DAC line out and a HP out), or if you just want to see if an external DAC really makes any difference, there's always the UCA202:

Since you are using a receiver - does the receiver have digital inputs (Coax or IR)? If yes, then another option for you is to get a USB DAC that has a digital output. The Fiio E10 has a coax output and the UCA-202 has an IR output. Send that into your receiver and then let the receiver handle it from there. I have no idea if that would be better or worse than sending analog into the receiver.

lol - I thought i was wrong, but i was actually correct.
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Yeah my receiver has IR and coax.

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