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Hey guys, I'm a fairly new user to head-fi, but I've absolutely fallen in love with the technology of headphones and their variety and uses over the past 2 years as I've been slowly honing my skills as a DJ and producer of EDM, Trap, Indie, Folk, Ambient/Experimental, and Rock music in my home studio in which I record music of all types by all different artists. I've found a setup I love for producing as well as DJing and it has taken me far. As far as opening for groups like A Tribe Called Red and SBTRKT, as well as getting to meet Diplo as an actual person, rather than some meet and greet ******** (ate dinner with him, really nice guy!) and playing in several clubs despite not yet being 18. Ok, so now that my little bragging section is done, to the point. I've been using Audio Technica ATH-m50s for mixing and mastering for a long time now, and have no intention of moving away from that setup. I use a Traktor S4 and F1 with the Beats Mixr headphones for DJing (although sometimes I switch to the Senn HD25, they're also great). 


However, I'm looking to start moving into actual audiophile listening station territory. I'm currently still in high school, but in a few months I'm leaving to go to university, so I want something fairly rugged that can withstand my college antics. I was looking at getting the Shiit Audio Mogi/Magni stack due to the fact that they're solid state, and so would be less risky for a dorm. Please don't suggest any tube amps, I've already done research and I'm not buying one regardless of the benefits. This is for my dorm, not my studio. I was then going to go with the Senn HD600 headphones for listening. My goal is to get something as immersive as possible for listening to highly detailed music. I'm a big fan of The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Grizzly Bear, The Shins, as well as Vivaldi and of course many EDM artists like Diplo and electronic music like Aphex Twin. HD600 seems like a good fit for me because it has a fairly flat sound signature while also having present bass for some (probably minimal) electronic music listening as well as having a huge, detailed soundstage. The soundstage and "immersion" factor if you will are probably the most important part of this for me, and I can't wait to hear your recommendations. Keep in mind that I'm aiming for a 600 dollar budget, and really can't go any higher than that. DJing isn't exactly the biggest money maker when you're 17 and you can't play anywhere haha.