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At least it was to me. I'm not new to audio but I am very new to this forum and pretty new to headphones , having been more or less forced to adopt them owing to a noise-phobic landlord who, sadly, lives upstairs.  Anyway, I recently picked up a pair of Sony MDR-RF960R wireless headphones at a Goodwill. I use these when the landlord is home and when I have to move around a bit. I've been pretty disappointed in them to be honest. The SQ is mediocre at best and interference is a constant issue. The supplied interconnect from the source to the base station is, to put it mildly, a joke. So, yesterday I got to thinking.


I wondered whether a decent pair of RCA interconnects and a good RCA to 1/4" adapter might improve the SQ and signal rejection. I dug around in my miscellaneous wire box and found a set of Monster "Interlink 300 MkII" interconnects I'd picked up somewhere. Then I went to the local Radio Shack and picked up an adapter.


What a surprise! These are a completely different set of cans now. They're far from perfect but the sound is probably 200% better, much more detail, better soundstage, tighter bass, solid mids and cleaner, clearer highs, plus much, much less static! I'm quite pleased.


Anyway, this may be old news to you old-timers but it was a positive revelation to me. Obviously, this is a tweak that could improve any wireless phones so I thought I'd pass it along.



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