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$20-30 IEM for the gym

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I lost my NuForce NE-600X IEMs and I'm in need of a new pair for gym duty. I get good sound quality from my home rig in my sig, and I'm really not interested in paying more than $30. I'm sure I could pay more to get something better, but I just want something I can sweat on and lose again in a couple months. So please don't recommend something that costs more than about $30 in the US. Even less than $30 is great. 

I liked the sound of the NuForces pretty well. I'm mostly looking for a non-fatiguing sound without boomy bass or harsh highs. Nothing that specific. Build quality and a cable that resists tangling are also important. The flat cable on the NuForce was great. I would almost get the same pair again, but I had some fit issues with them. They just kind of sat in my ear. I'm looking for something with deeper insertion. 

I'm aware of the huge IEM comparison thread. I'm posting here so people can give me some quick recommendations. 

I will be plugging these into an ancient 512mb RCA mp3 player. 

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This is an easy one: Mee Sport-Fi M6
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I find the Pioneer SE-CL721-K good performers with good comfort and they tend to stay in. I bought a hand ful as gifts this year for christmas and everyone who got them was quite happy with them. Their physical design makes putting them and getting a good seal quick and easy.

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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

This is an easy one: Mee Sport-Fi M6

Thanks. These look pretty good. Love the clear color too!

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