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hello ~ 

i've been using my Monster Turbine Pro Gold for about 3 Years now , and i really enjoy the sound it produce , it's very engaging and lively , full of energy .

however , having so many balanced armatures & dynamics being released during the period , i wonder if anyone could suggest a few inEars which i must try out other than the few listed with my honest first impressions , because im planning to go for something enjoyable and yet good enough to hear the highs and bellowing lows with accuracy and natural soundstage .

i've tried , 
- SE846 flat filter (too expensive)
- IE800 (bass too drowning)
- Westone 4R (lacks natural sounding bass)
- Westone UM1 (lacks natural sounding bass)
- Sony XBA H3 (rather engaging, but sounds alittle like my turbine pro)
- UE900 (weird sounding,lacks weight)
- Etymotic ER4p (boring whimpy bass)

i dont know, perhaps i got used to the monster turbine pro golds with it's warm signature.
and find all the high end balanced armatures alittle bland and tasteless. 

i also come to realise that dynamic inEars usually produce smoother natural bass.
so im asking if anyone has dynamic or hybrid inEars of that price range to reccomend , 
it has to be able to reach highs naturally without piercing , bass to be natural , coherency and soundstage.

your professional guidance is appreciated >.< 

Thanks in Advance !