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Full album at a time or whole library on random

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are you a whole album in a single sitting kind of guy or gal or do you like to play your whole library on random?


When I listen to headphones at home I usually listen to an entire album at a time, but when I'm in my car I use my cell phone and shuffle from about 2,200 songs. My critical listening is done at home with headphones and I enjoy listening to an album entirely in a single sitting. 

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I'm first and foremost an album person, but due to my eclectic taste in music I've also grown to appreciate the wonderful contrast of listening to my digital music library on shuffle. When at home I prefer listening to whole albums from start to finish in the dark with my eyes closed or the lights dimmed. On the go however I almost exclusively listen to music on shuffle nowadays. Those once-in-a-blue-moon moments when shuffle gives you a set of random songs that are just perfect for your state of mind and seem to flow seamlessly from one to the next despite never being intended to be grouped together are just magical.

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Pretty much "Whole Album or Nothing" for me.  In my opinion:  Listening to one song is like reading one chapter in a book or watching one scene in a movie.  And, yes, I realize this likely means I'm old.

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I'm, in general, a person that listens to entire albums. But there are times when there is a track on album I don't particularly care for, so I skip it. But other than that. I listen to entire albums. 

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It's rare I buy full albums. My library goal is to not want to ever tap "next" as I only want songs in my possession that I genuinely like. Because my musical taste has such a broad spectrum, this isn't really possible. My mood usually determines the songs I want to listen to so I can't ever do a complete shuffle. But as far as specific genres go, that is my goal; never want to skip a song.


My library isn't huge. 

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For decades I've always enjoyed making compilation tapes, than CD's, always cherry-pickup the best songs. I own 1200+ CD's, 3000+ LP's, and 400+ MP3's. A few months ago I got a 160GB classic IP and have been on a mission to download the best songs, very rarely do I download an entire album. Currently I've got 5000+ songs in the IP. I ALWAYS listen to the IP set on shuffle, it's the ultimate compilation!!
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When I am not at work, I typically do the album listen.


When I am at work, I either shuffle two heavily customized stations on Pandora, or else shuffle one of two laboriously constructed folders of songs (all volume replaygained).  This way, I don't have to keep going over to the stereo and trying to decide what album to listen to next.

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