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CES 2014 Roll-Call - Who's Going????  

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Hey Everybody!


I just heard, unfortunately, that my dear friend and partner at @warrenpchi (also one of our lovable mods huh - :biggrin:) won't be able to make it to CES this year.


I'm totally bummed, as we were gonna room together!!


Will be GREAT to see Jude - and so I was wondering:

Who else from the Head-Fi tribe is going to CES 2014??


I'm gettin all geared up and ready to go,

and wanted to see if I had more Head-Fi brethren heading to Vegas!!


PLS sound off if you're going!!


So far this will be one of my walk-around rigs (w/ my AK120 as well):

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I have been in past years when I worked for an automotive company that used a lot of cool electronic gear, but not lately.  However, I have tired to keep up with some of the CNET video posts and news coming out of CES 2014.  Did you get a chance to try any of the new Audio Technica headphones or the new Beyerdynamic A 200 DAC/Amp?

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I was there. Had a blast listing to $250k-$1M systems! Also had an opportunity to listed to a number of high cans from sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Stax (that we a blast), and audio technica. I saw a pair of Abyss, but the guy did have the wire.



Here I am listening to the Orpheus headphones (oops, updated with correct URL)!28864&authkey=!AJc7LX-i_2tdZiM&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg

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