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kef x300a or a5+

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thinking change audioengine a2 for something really good,how about kef x300a?  worth the money 600GBP!

or go for something cheaper as audioengine a5+..330GBP


will be big difference between these two speakers..?


the thing is,i don't use so much lossless files,just a few 320kbps

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Did you get your new speakers?


I just invested in a pair of X300A's, I also have the A5's (not the +'s, mind you). 


I must say, the X300A have exceeded expectation. They are addictive. The A5's I have had for a few years, and love them, but the X300A's are in a whole different league. The have a wholly involving sound. Stereo sound stage and separation/detail is very coherent and absorbing, encouraging one to listen into the music, to how instruments interplay with each other. 


Also notable is the upper mid/lower treble, it's incredibly smooth and detailed, giving percussion a very lifelike edge, it jumps out at you in a good way.


I like most genres, but it's making my classical collection very enticing.


As I am running them in, they are sounding better and better, smoother , more involving. Can't get enough of them at the moment.


I had these in mind for a long time, and as a build up phase I have reripped all my cd's into FLAC, a worthwhile exercise. However 320k MP3's are not left out in the cold. It's just that, after hearing what these can do, you cannot help but want to give them the best to properly shine.


If you can afford them, go for the X300A's. I already want a 2nd set for the kitchen to replace the A5's relegated to that location, lol!

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well,  yeah i got the speakers,there are superb!


its really audiophile speaker,to be honest i change a lot my music collection,more flac and 24bit  files..

for me best speaker ever own..

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Great stuff :-)


Yeah, they do have that effect; inspiring us to collect better music files.


And I would tend to agree with you, about being the best speakers I've owned. Actually the best "system" I've owned. Back in the 90's I invested a relatively large amount of money in separates. Musical Fidelity amp, Rega speakers, separate DAC , transport, and this rivals it, from what I remember.. Not bad for a system costing a third of the price and in today's money.


Above all, it makes me want to listen to and focus on the music, so that previously mundane tracks come to life and are involving.


Pretty weird.

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Can you use an external DAC with the KEF x300a's, or are you stuck with the internal DAC? 

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one is restricted to using the existing dacs (one per speaker)


but, to be honest, that's not really what these are about. Kef have gone for a simple system concept. A compact audiophile desktop solution. And for that it works perfectly.

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Originally Posted by salla45 View Post

one is restricted to using the existing dacs (one per speaker)


but, to be honest, that's not really what these are about. Kef have gone for a simple system concept. A compact audiophile desktop solution. And for that it works perfectly.

Even if you use the analog input? 

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as far as i have read, even via the analogue inputs, the sound goes via the dacs (sounds a bit odd, but have read in several places)


heres a comment from another site:


"Yes, there is an analog input, which is immediately converted to digital, and then converted back to analog by the KEF's DAC"


and here on another:


That comment seems to imply that there is an analog signal path through these speakers. There isn't. You never avoid using the KEF's built-in DAC. The analog input in the KEF X300A is digitized by a WM8782 ADC, then processed by a DSP, then sent to the KEF's internal DAC (a PCM1754 in each speaker).


tbh, if possible, i would give them a listen before eliminating them for the lack of flexibility. perhaps you will find the existing sound as beguiling as i do. The system synergy is pretty amazing, as a desk setup, Ive never heard better, it's pretty intimate, and uncoloured if you raise them up by about 8 inches or so on makeshift stands.

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Anyone else using x300a wireless at the moment? I wanna ask some questions:

- How do you adjust gain volume when playing via usb output from PC? I have to turn up to a very high level (nearly maximum) and then ad just the volume in the Windows while I can turn to 0 when playing via AirPlay.

- Do you experience any difference in quality between usb and AirPlay? With me there are some, especially in terms of bass punchiness and forwardness which AirPlay have more in comparison to USB.

- Lastly, how do you setup the software and other hardware adjustments (adding pads, stands, gain volume, cables, some modding to use external DACs etc) to achieve the best sound quality?

Thanks in advance.
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