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For Sale:
15' Charleston Cable upgrade for HiFiMan

Will Ship To: USA

Hi. I bought this from Charleston Cable Company, their mid grade cable, in June for my now sold HiFiMan HE500 Headphones. The cable is 15' long terminated to a 4 pin XLR. This XLR can plug directly into your amp  if it has a 4 pin XLR out. If not, I have 2 choices. A 1' long 1/4" Furutech plug or a 2' long with tinned cable ends to connect directly into a speaker amp. You can simply put whichever connection type you need onto the main cable. I did not have him put bananas or anything on the ends so I would have ultimate flexibility with amps from past to present, as some older amps only have a binding strip. If you want to add bananas to them, you could very easily do that. He didn't mark the R/L or +/- so I simply separated them and marked them per his direction for proper orientation. Presently, they are just tinned by the manufacturer. All cables pictured and mentioned above are included in the price. I paid $270 for these. Yours for &165 which includes shipping and Paypal in the USA. This is a package. I will not separate. Not interested in trades or offers. I need to economize.  Thank you.


From Charleston Cable Company:


Cable Overview - This cable is meant to serve as an upgrade/replacement cable for the entire HiFiman HE series of headphones.


Connectors - This headphone cable is terminated on one end with the HiFiMAN headphone plugs and on the other end with the Furutech FP-704 stereo TRS jack.


Auric Hook up Wire - Auric hook up wire is a 21awg chassis wire created and used by Audience, a manufacturer of high end speakers and other electronics gear.

To find out more about this excellent wire as well as their other products I recommend you check out Audience’s website here:


Auric wire employs a cross linked polyethylene dialectric. Cross linked polyethylene has dialectric properties very close to Teflon without its drawbacks, specifically stiffness and weight. I spent a lot of time looking for a wire which offers a great price/performance ratio and have found in my listening tests that Auric wire makes no sacrifices on either side.