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I listen to headphones when I sleep. It helps drown out distracting sounds and I like listening to music even when I'm dreaming. The problem is that my 1 yr old E9 has started doing some odd things. You know how when you turn it on the light is red, then it clicks and turns blue? Well that clicking is happening sometimes while I'm listening to it and even at low volume it's kind of loud.


It's woken me from a dead sleep doing it in the middle of the night before.


It seems to do it more when it's first powered on and sometimes it does it left and right, and others not at all. I wasn't sure at first if it was the amp or my DAC but it got bad tonight and I bypassed the E9 and plugged directly to my Audioengine DAC and it went away.


I don't know if it's a power supply problem, power spikes on the AC socket, or a problem with it's circuit board.


Googling found nobody else having this problem but surely I can't be the only one?


Any ideas?