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Mad Dog cable quality?

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I have a quick question for any Mad Dog owners, being: is the cable that is terminated in a 1/4 connection better than the one that has a 1/8 connection.


If so i would like to know so that i can order a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter to go with the headphones. 



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I don't own the Mad Dogs, but I don't see how termination size could affect quality.

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i'm just wondering if both the cords that are included with the Mad Dog (the one with 1/4 termination size and the one with 1/8 termination size) are the same in thickness and length. 

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I thought the standard Mad Dog already comes with both cables? Shoot Dan Clark an email and he will tell you.
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it does come with both cables.


i was just wanting to know if both are the same cable just with different terminations.


Edit: i contacted Dan and he said this: "The 1/4" cable is thicker with a rubber housing, the 3.5mm is thinner with a woven sheath.  The 1/4" is 10 ft, the 3.5mm is about 5.5 ft". 


that pretty much tells me all i need to know. :beerchug: 


Many thanks to Dan for responding so quickly.

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