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For Sale: Grado-lover's Dream

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For Sale:
Grado-lover's Dream

Will Ship To: CONUS

If you're a fan of Grados or tubes, I can't imagine finding a better setup for this price. Only reason I'm selling is because I've decided to go with a more minimal setup. The PX100 SennGrados just don't benefit from the amp as much.


Little Dot 1+ in excellent condition with:

- Telefunken EH900s

- Tung Sol 6AK5s

- Western Electric 408As

- Voskhod 6ZH1Ps

- Mitcham Mullard CV580s

- RCA 6AK5s

- GEC CV4014s


- OPA2107 (2)

- Dual OPA627APs with dual to mono adapter


Audio Poutine cDAC+ 

- Basically an improved ODAC with its own power supply


LD will ship in original packaging with original paperwork. Both amp and DAC will ship with appropriate power supplies and cables as well.


Price does not include shipping. Paypal only please. Pictures upon request.

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