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Brainwavz R3 Tour

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I thought I'd open up a tour for the Brainwavz R3 dual dynamic for any Head-Fi members that would like to try them out.  The only requirement is that you come here and post your impressions.  They can be short, long, whatever you feel like writing.  Each member of the tour will be responsible for the cost of shipping to the next member.  For now the tour will be constrained to the US but if there is enough interest in other countries, international legs of the tour can be added.


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

The R3 is an interesting dual dynamic in a very large barrel that sits perpendicular to the ear and seams to be meant to be worn over the ear, so fit is a bit challenging; not to mention the built in memory wire is super long.  Currently I'm getting the best fit by wearing them down, then looping the very long memory wire over the ear.  This allows for a much more secure fit with single flanges but it looks, well different.


Sound quality is pretty balanced.  It's not bass heavy but bass maintains nice punch and presence.  Mids are very clear and balanced with the bass.  Treble seems a little laid back and seems to pick up some reverb from the large metal barrel.  All in all it's a pretty pleasant sounding signature.  The overall presentation is very spacious and unexpectedly distant.  In my experience the R3 places you a good distance from the stage and depth is excellent.  It's definitely not your typical staging and somewhat remind me of my experience with the RedGiant iems.  Not that the sound signatures are similar but that the sound staging is just very different from most of the iems out there.  I suspect it could be a love or hate presentation for many.


Anyway the shape and fit is surely odd and could be a turn off to potential buyers, so I wanted to give some of you who may be curious a chance to audition them.  If you are interested in being a part of the tour, please send me a PM.  I'll post the tour members and order here as updates come along.  I'll provide the stock tips in the package.  Please keep them together and clean.

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US tour members
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Bumping to see if there is interest.
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The sound is great with the right synergy, so people should definitely give it a try. Though many won't like the fit, some might find it better than they expected, in which case the tour would be very useful.

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I'd totally do this, although I'm in Canada and have literally no experience in IEM's.

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Canada could be added, or even first if a couple more Canadians want to sign up.
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Shipping out to first US head-fier jdztunes. Please continue to PM if interested.
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I'd be interested!  I've tried a few Brainwavz in the past couple of years, but would mainly be comparing to my current regular trio of Ety ER4, Philips SHE3580, and full size Alessandro MS1.  Always looking for clarity, details combined with musicality.


Let me know when I am on tap to receive them and I will PM my postal address.

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I've added you to the list on post 2. I'll ask jdztunes to contact you when he's ready to ship out. I'll be actually mailing it to him tomorrow morning.
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Good Day, 

Though I received these last week I was in the midst of listening to my 'New to Me' used Westone3's from Amazon.

I finally cracked open the package the BR3's came in and gave a listen.


The following is my PM to shotgunshane to which he recommended I post here.  

These are the opinons / impressons heard through MY ears I hope they make sense and are of some value.  




I received the headphones just fine, though just put them in for a listen.  And I must say that I really like the sound signature.  The design could use improvement as far as the length of the wire cable near the earphone units could indeed be smaller by at least an inch.  I find that having the housing oriented with the wired end pointing up to be the best angle.


I the installed medium tips a listen for about a minute and immediately went to my standard 3-flange.  And I must say that compared to my Radius DDM's the sound seems less veiled with good highs, mid's and full lows.  I feel the sub bass could bee just a touch better but overall find these to be a bit mid-centric but just slightly for my ears.


These things seem to not be as "fast" as my westone 3's or my ety hf5's but I find the sound to be smoooooth and full sounding overall.  


The bass is full and impactfull but not overbearing, the mids, as mentioned are a touch forward for my ears, but not harsh or unpleasant.  And the upper mid's and highs are smooth and seem to have good detail and extension. 


Overall I feel these have good detail, fairly good micro-detail, are fairly smooth in the mid's with full and impactful bass (though sub-bass could be stronger for my liking).  These are definitely pleasing, highly competent in-ears


Well this is my quick impressions.  I will be putting on my comply tips to see if I can get a better seal and tone down the mid's a touch.


The sound stage is nice and wide and could be deeper to my ears.  But, still very enjoyable.


I am very pleased and grateful that you would share a very unique and overall nice set of headphones.  I only wish the cables had shorter ear guides.  



AND these things are built like a tank.  From the thick rubbery cable to the angled plug to the driver housings.  They should hold up very well over the years.


P.s- I listend to mainly classic-rock / rock/ Blues some 


All files were FLAC played on my galaxy s3 using PowerAmp and medium to moderate volume. 


Tracks played.

American Woman -

Trouble Is - Kenny Wayne Shepard

Voodoo- Godsmack

Brandy (You're a fine girl)- Looking Glass

Through the Jungle - CCR

She's A Woman in Love - Tom Petty

Broken Hearted Savior - Big Todd and The Monsters

Mother- Danzig

The Boys Are Back in town- Thin Lizzy

Say My Name- Destiny's Child

Some one like you- Adel

Lights- Ellie Goulding

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Excellent impressions; I can relate to many of them.

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They definitely benefit from amping.

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I tried the BR3'z with my lyrix pro and these defiantly responded great to amping.  Amping brought out even more of the best of what makes the sound of these really competent and enjoyable.


Ready to ship these to the next tour member sometime this week.  I pmd shotgunshane a response about it already.

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The R3 should be in kmhaynes hands now. Anyone else in USA and Canada interested in hearing them?
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I'd give them a spin...
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