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If this is a response to me, I am using a Mac. The problem is that the connection won't resume properly if the computer goes to sleep or is restarted.

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Same thing happens with a PC so its a hardware and/or driver issue. 

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Well, I've contacted Emotiva. I'll post back here if I find anything out.

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I heard back from Emotiva. They recommend using a different cable (under 6 feet long) and trying a different USB port. I've tried a few different cables, but haven't had any luck. I haven't tried a different port yet. Still, this has not happened with any other DAC I've owned.

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I would definitely try the DAC on another computer if you havent already. Just to check if for nothing else.

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When I had the XDA-2 (even though it only worked a day), I had the same issue as well. It was not resolved by using multiple different cables, different ports, or different computers (I tried it on two desktops and a laptop, with Windows 7 and Windows 8). 

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The only way I could get it to resume playing audio was to push the power switch on the BACK of the unit, and turn it back on again. Using the power button on the front did not work for me.

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I had a buzzing problem when using either the sound card out or my new DAC (Pro-ject USB Box S) and it drove me crazy until I realized the new HP laptop has grounding issues.  The fix requires some amount of electronics savvy, but I bought an 1/8" mike connector with a three foot cord.  I cut the opposite end connector off and found the ground side and also clipped the hot side so it would not come in contact.  I soldered a twelve foot wire to reach my Marantz Stereo Amp and wrapped the wire around the amp ground.  I plugged the connector into the mic side of the computer and it totally disappear.  This indicates the computer was never grounded properly and the thought is the noise was coming from the computer fan.  If you are intending to make connections from the computer USB, then this might be required, no matter what type of DAC you use.

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Originally Posted by Baxide View Post

I don't know if it is the same for W8, but if you are using W7 then:

Plug the USB DAC in.

Switch it on.

Go to the Audio Control panel and then manually set the default audio device to USB audio.


If you leave it to the OS to automatically select USB audio when it feels fit, then the OS will drop the USB audio connection whenever it feels like it.


I've spent SO many hours to make this thing work properly and it won't. I'm a computer tech and an audiophile and with both knowledges I haven't been able to make it work. This is what shows up.


This is how it looks when it is properly installed


This is how it looks like when you don't have the USB dac/amp turned on before w8 starts.




This shows that it's doing weird stuff each time.



This is the part that CONFUSES the F outta me. This is when the drivers work 100%. When I go in and check driver details it gives me this message.


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I'm not gonna mess with firmware until I know its 100% correct but this may be the issue with the sample rate.




It mentioned base rates of 44.1/48 and bit clocks. 48x4 = 192 which would make sense. But I honestly have no idea if this is the case. The XDA2 audio chip is cm6631.. and I'm assuming its A because its the only one out of the 4 that supports 192/32.

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This is really interesting @Folex. I'm sure Keith over at Emotiva knows about it, but it's worth bringing it to his attention. Have you contacted Emotiva about this?


Edit: I think you have. :)  If that's you over in the XDA forums, check my response. Although what I've quoted is for a problem with Macs, it might also have something to do with the issue on Windows.

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Had the opportunity to listen to the XDA-2 over the weekend and have to say I thought it sounded very disappointing. In our test stereo system featuring a bookshelf speaker with a metal dome tweeter that can occasionally veer towards brightness it wasn't a pleasant listen with a harsh, shouty very energetic treble. It does give it a nice sense of air and energy, but the refinement is missing. When we connected the Audiophilleo 2 things improved quite a bit and it actually sounded a lot better over coax compared to the USB input. Also had the Concero for comparison and the Concero is much more balanced and smoother sounding while keeping a good flow of the music. If you have a dark system or headphones this might be a nice option, but I'd assume the DC-1 would be a substantial upgrade in overall sound quality.

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Recently received and setup an xda-2. Its currently connected directly to my amp and Magnepan SMG speakers. Initially it was definitely bright so I let it run for a couple of days before doing any critical listening. It calmed down and I can hear a clear improvement vs no external DAC.

Running a pair of Q701s directly out the headphone jack. It sounds good but not great. I think they need a bit more power.

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I decided to do a video on my issues with the xda 2. Could someone test this on their system too


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Sorry I dont own one, but was wondering were these issues fixed in the Gen 2 version?

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