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For Sale: Koss E9 Electrostatic Energizer

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$95 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Koss E9 Electrostatic Energizer

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Have a Koss E9 electrostatic Energizer. I was hoping to get an ESP9 headphone to use with it, but having a hard time finding one. So decided I am going to sell the energizer and put funds elsewhere. I'm having a hard time pricing this, if anyone think I have it overpriced or underpriced let me know. I think I had previously seen the system (amp and headphones) for $650 in the used market here, so think the price I set for the energizer only is fair.

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I have ESP9 w/ no box. Unfortunately, I think you found ESP950 phones that are very expensive. ESP9 phones & box are on ebay right now at $65 w/ $99 as immediate sale price. We could put ours together and sell splitting proceeds.


Marty Gasman

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