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I recently purchased my first Sennheiser headset, an upgrade from my previous turtle beach x12 headset. However, I am a little disappointed on the bass, overall they don't feel as loud as the turtle beach x12, and I don't really see why the premium price on them. The mic seems to be much better than my previous one, but that for me is secondary. I don't own a sound card or amp, but I would assume that by default, a $170 headset (got it on deal) would be noticeable better than a $40-60 dollar one.


So that is why I would like to know what sound settings I should play around with in order my improve my audio experience. I currently have installed the Realtek HD Audio Manager, and because I am a novice at this, I really don't know how to configure it properly. I am pretty sure there must be something I can do to get my headset to sound more lively, right? ( A guide maybe?)


On a different note, I have only tested this headset on a few youtube videos (1080), maybe I need to give the ma bigger challenge? 


Thanks for your time.

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