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Woo Audio WA3 + HD650 upgrade idea's

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   i am new to high audio, came across this site by chance, and that cost me alot of money.


Now i own a HD 650 headphone + Woo Audio WA3 + Audinst HUD MX2.


I need advise on what i should upgrade in this setup that will give the most improvement. Right now i am using the stock tubes on the WA3 and some no name power cord, the HD 650 are stock as well and an using the the included rca cable to connect the audinst to the WA3. For source i have 44khz 16bit music cd rips in flac via usb into the audinst.


Advise would be much appreciated






P.s - this is my first hi fi setup.

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I think it is worth your money to start material more than equipment.  I think if you do want to upgrade your equipment your money would be best spent on new headphones because they gear you have listed is really quite good and enjoyable.


What kind of music do you like to listen to?

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Hi, i mostly listen to rock (all type - led zepplin, doors, pink floyd, nirvana, pantera, megadeth etc) acoustic/country (john denver, bob dylan) and pop. Dont really listen to jazz and classical. I am very happy with my setup. Was just wondering if i could make it sound even better.
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Are you playing via computer??? if yes get JRiver it has amazing features setting up the sound they way you like it, you can upgrade you hardware anytime but I think the setup you have is very decent give it sometime once you will break in your hardware (or get use to it) you will enjoy it a lot, I have wasted a lot of money on finding a true sweet spot trust its very painful so lay low and enjoy for few months and in between you will get to know what you are really missing.


one more thing the more you read the more confuse you get.

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You have an excellent setup and I would not upgrade it for a while. The improvements get very small from where you are moving forward. HD650 are highly regarded and work very well with WA3. I'm not a believer in cables....so I won't suggest you upgrade those... The DAC you have I'm not familiar with, but the specs seem nice on the website. The only area I'd suggest any change, and only if you have noise or hum issues, is upgraded tubes. The amp sounds beautiful with stock tubes, and can be flavored slightly with more expensive tubes.....but not necessary. If I had the itch and $ to improve things, I'd get a TungSol 5998 in the output section 1st and then get some older Amperex in the driver section. You have a nice rig, invest in music to listen to. smily_headphones1.gif
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yeah i have decided to do no upgrades for the time being.. it sounds really good as it is... time to enjoy the music :)))

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I'm actually quite glad you posted your rig details. I plan on taking the same route. That is 650s with the Wa3. I'm still trying to find a WA3 on this forum. As to your Dac, how did you come up with that choice? I know that a Dac with be the next element I need to pair with the wa3, 650 combo,
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Hi my choice of dac was dictated more by availability than anything else. I wanted a entry level and versatile dac and this one was easily available in my part of the globe

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