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I'm taking this thread:

to the Headphone-forum instead.


I've now taken another step towards complete portability. I took a leap of faith and bought me a Ray Samuels SR-71B to use with the DX50 and I've sold the unidisk, which leaves me with a pretty nice portable setup; iBasso DX50 -> Lineout -> SR-71B -> Phonak Audéo PFE-232.

It's just as good as I want it to be. For a portable IEM-setup I've reached my goal, which feels great. The DX50 DAC chip is actually very good and for me it's better than the one in Unidisk SC, when paired with a proper amp. I was so please to hear what the phonaks could do!


Now, for work I can't use the IEM's a full day, so I'm still looking for that full size pair of headphones. With iBasso DX50 - SR-71B, what would you guys recommend??

I'm planning to go balanced since this is what the SR-71B was made for, but suddenly it's getting even harder to decide. I can't demo HD800 (or any of the other...look below) with the RSO-connections since nobody has that sort of cable up for demo in Sweden. I'm gonna have to need your help here.


The HD800 with a balanced cable from moon audio is $1,714.95

The HE-6 with a matching cable from moon audio is $1,574.00

However, I could also go for the HE-500 with a moon audio cable which is only $974.00


That's quite a big difference. I'm looking for sort of an end game here, but really - is the HD-800 and HE-6 that much better balanced from the setup that I have that it motivates the extra $600-$700?


What do you say head-fiers?