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I found someone who makes hearing aids who can make custom molded IEMs. He is not familiar with in ear IEM audio for pro audio, though he knows alot about audio, and electronics. 


I have already in my old shells "2" woofer 33A007, Balance Armatures and "1" High Armature.   I listen to EDM and Hip Hop Music. MY biggest complaint is the armatures I have don't give me the full sound which I am used to with big earphones Something with some punchy bass and nice mids. 


I currently use Sennheiser HD25-1 II Closed-Back Headphones and wanted some custom mold .  Because of my issue with it sounding to tinty and high in the tweeter he flooded the tweeter with some additional internal resistance to cut down on the highs but it made it sound muddy and distort as you turn them up. 


What Additional armatures would you add or how would I tell him to configure them so they sound like a Westone or High End UE with multiple armatures. What Armatures or configurations would you add or change to that to make it sound better? Is there better Armatures to use than the 33A007? 




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