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Originally Posted by maricius View Post

I have some questions.


Has anyone compared the Alpha Dogs to these already? Is there anyone out there who's heard both? May I ask for a comparison? 


Also, would anyone whose heard both the Paradox Slant and the standard Paradox tell me if there is a difference in detail retrieval and transparency? I understand that standard Paradox is closer to neutral but are there any benefits to the Slant other than a change in tonality? Soundstage? Timbre?


Thank you


The main difference between Slant and Original is the bass from having heard my Slants and reading many other reviews of the original as having "anemic bass".  All I know is that the Slants are anything but anemic.  I haven't heard them back to back but the Slants are supposed to have a more 3D soundstage according to Luis and from what I can tell it does a pretty good job at this.

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If anyone is willing to sell me Paradox Slant, please PM me... Willing to buy or maybe even trade!

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The slants can throw an immense soundstage if its in the recording.  They are layered like crazy and can give you a very complete perspective of the recording venue. You should hear what they do with live recordings.  It is truelly amazing.  They are very much like listening to an excellent pair of planar loudspeakers in that regard.  


The bass is superb, fast, tight, extended with a very satisfying sense of near subwoofer like slam but with more speed and articulation.   


Happy listening,



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How does one go about ordering these? On their site they only offer the Slants for $700. I'd like to know the differences between the cheaper version and those as well.


Edit: nevermind, just learned how to read or something.

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