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IEM for ~$50

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I recently got a pair of sennheiser cx685 for jogging and cycling. I really like them. Ive spent about two hours listening to them and they are quite enjoyable, and almost as nice is that they are small. My normal cans are a set of ath-m50. I cant tell what the differences are aside from bass but it seems the cx685 are tighter and have more presence in the mids.


Well I have decided I can't keep these. They have too much isolation for what I am looking for. I am going to swap them for the mx685 as they seem to be the same headphone but not an IEM. I need less isolation so I can have the volume at a reasonable/low level but still be aware of traffic. (Don't tell me jogging with headphones is a bad idea. I already know this but can't stand being without music. I have looked for a mono IEM with no luck.)


What this has made me realize though is that I obviously need an IEM for other listening. I would like to keep it in the 50$ range but am open to suggestions. It was hard to find opinions on the cx685 so its hard to compare what people think these sound like compared to other IEMs.


What I would want is probably stronger mids than my ath-m50s. Decent isolation to not bother people around me but not so much I feel uncomfortable being on the bus or something with them. Mostly rock/metal music with some ska and occasional rap/bluegrass/country and other assorted genre. When I am in a real rap/electronic mood or want bass I will bust out the m50's so thats not an issue. I want something tight and good. I figure there have to be better IEMs for the price than the cx685.


Not a clue on the source. Started another thread looking for something similar in capacity and price to a used ipod classic that will sound better. Won't be using an amp in the foreseeable future though.


Thanks guys.

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The best $50 or so that I have spent was on the Sony XBA C10...shipping to NZ isnt exactly cheap but should be well suited to your situation. You will find many reviews out there but let me tell you it definitely outperforms what you might think are $50 IEMs!

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v moda vibe duos are nice

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