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Large storage alternative to Ipod

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Hey guys

I am looking to get an mp3 player again. I have terrible luck with them and have been without for about two years. My last ipod classic was stolen and the video before that konked out on the logic board so its been probably 5 or 6 years since I have had a steady constantly working music player. I searched around and have done this in the past and find that most things are either way out of my price range, or incredibly small on the storage. I like to have ALL of my music ALL the time. Ive done smaller players and find myself changing music constantly or setting it aside because Im too lazy to keep changing out the entire drive. I have somewhere around 60-80gb of music. I am only gonna be listening to music. No movies or anything like that. I am fine using just 320kb mp3s although i do have another 30gbs or so of flac but I have found that they take up too much room on a portable so they have all been converted to mp3s.


I listen mainly on my ath-m50 and I just got a pair of sennheiser cx685 for jogging and the such. I dont have any portable amps. Sound quality wise I have only had an ipod. At home I run schiit modi out of my computer through a ****ty HTIB receiver to a set of BA a-70s and have been happy with that. I also have a basic SQ set up in my car as well.


Basically I am wondering if there is anything better than an ipod classic for the price. They are going used from gamestop for around 70$ right now and I have seen that they are rockbox able if I ever do that. Everything else i found is either too small, too expensive, or no longer produced. Some points in the right direction would be great. Trying to keep the budget under $150.


Thanks guys

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Keeping the budget under $150 clearly severely limits your options. A used iPod Video 5/5.5 Gen. 80GB or a Colorfly's C3 is a minimalist mp3 player and quite cheap that you could expand the storage to. Hope you have better luck with your next player.
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I saw a 5th gen Classic at my local Gamestop last night for $35, half price. If my wife hadn't been with me I would've snapped it up. Might check that out and see if it's a national thing.

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Ok I will check out the Colorfly. Thanks for the suggestion. I hadnt heard of that one yet.


Yes I do believe it is nationwide. I saw that pricing on their website but its on the scratch and dent models. I am not sure how bad those look but its very hard to beat the price. Thats what set my budget so low since an 80gb video is only 55$ and they claim no major dents or blemishes. If you found one in decent shape it may be worth the low cost.

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For the price you've specified, you really have 3 options, two of which have been mentioned already:


iPod 5.5 or 6th gen (if you can find one that cheap)


Colorfly C3


Sansa Fuze (especially V1 or V2)


The 80 gig iPod will afford you the most HDD space. Although unmodded, they do hiss with IEMs and sensitive cans. Rockbox-ability is nice though..


Colorfly is probably the best sub $100 DAP I've heard. Just a great organic, musical presentation. Also, take SD cards up to 64 gig. The UI isn't great though.


The original generations of the Fuze are killer if you can find one. They're also Rockbox able, memory expandable, and in general have a pretty good presentation (in between iPod and C3). 


Hope this helps.

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For 160GB and the price its going for, I see no reason to get another. Moreover, it is internal and will last another 7-8 years and hopefully by then DAP will have 500GB internal storage.Sound quality aint that bad if you are using 'basic/mid-range' IEMs.


I'm no Apple fan buy but the simplicity and lack of apps (more apps would take more storage) still makes it a beast!

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