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Drugs and Alcohol  

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How many of you get messed up and listen to your premium Audiophile gear?

I do.

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ummmmm, not me

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That's a shame.  You audiophiles forget that consciousness represents the other 50% of the listening experience.  Therefore, changing your consciousness alters the sound and your perception in altogether unique ways.


@Bassbanger101 Try a few cups of coffee in the morning.  Caffeine will perhaps not be as, mmmmmmm.... controversial

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Dude, getting messed up isnt the way to listen to some good music. Try a eq or actually try mixing your own music and then you can get a new unique sound. No need to use drugs and alcohol to get the experience.

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I do sometimes. Not surely if it really sounds better that way though. Just for some late-night variety :biggrin:

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I do mix and record my own music:



EQs and exploring a creative universe are also just a facet of the bigger picture consciousness experience through music.

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