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DTS Virtual Surround devices for consoles?

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Anyone know of any DTS devices aside from the two listed in Mad Lust's guide? I searched the gaming section and didn't find anything on it. The Xbox One only supports DTS surround and it is killing me. I have no interest in game chat so anything that receives a toslink will likely work.



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Looks like the Beyerdynamic Headzone Game supports DTS over optical:




In my experience, its the only one that supports anything besides Dolby Digital 5.1 over optical/toslink

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The only solution I have seen is to buy an HDMI switch box that separates the audio signal and has an optical audio out. That way you can use a Mixamp or the like. 


However, MSoft claims they will patch Dolby over Optical sometime soon. 


Some tvs will do this, but not many. 

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Cant wait to the upgrade playing ona  headset with stereo feels and sound s weird after playing years with simulated 5.1 surround sound..

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you and me both. When I 'upgraded' to the Xbox one I lost a lot of features. If they would hurry up and release a chat adapter and patch in dolby over optical, we would be set. 


As it stands you cannot adjust voice and game volumes, which is incredibly annoying.

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The only other thing I've found is the Pioneer SE-DIR800C, but it's a discontinued wireless headphone system.


Fortunately, the Dolby Headphone DSP/DAC/transmitter box is said to actually have an analog output, so you're not forced to use that particular set of wireless headphones. It even has the DH1/DH2/DH3 room mode adjustments.


Unfortunately, the eBay prices are stupid high, as in $300+, and given that, again, it's DISCONTINUED, I don't see that getting any better...actually, come to think of it, my JVC/Victor SU-DH1 also has DTS decoding and room mode selection, and of course, it's discontinued too. I suspect common components in both of them being discontinued parts in favor of the cut-down versions used on the DSS and Mixamp.


A bit more research reveals that the transmitter module itself is designated the TRE-D800. Good luck finding a standalone unit for sale, though...I'd certainly like to get my hands on one just to pit it against the SU-DH1.

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i am just use a pioneer receiver. seems to be able to work with all the surround sound formats including lossless 

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