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Weird Buzzing noise from USB!

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Ok, so I made a thread not too long ago about a terrible background noise that my headphones made.  At the end of that thread I decided that my issue was completely resolved.  I came to this conclusion after using my laptop to listen to music on an outlet that had a GFCI.  During this test I heard absolutely no background noise.  Because of this I thought my only problem was that I needed a GFCI installed in my room.  So I did this and it actually changed absolutely nothing.


 I was messing around with the USB connector into my glow audio DAC thinking maybe it was something to do with that and BINGO I found the issue.  As soon as I touched the metal USB connector to ANY metal part of my case I hear the same noise.


 I am going to be getting a new DAC because the glow audio 1.3 cannot take optical input.  Hopefully this will resolve the issue.


In the mean time do you think that I built my computer incorrectly or something?  I am pretty sure that the motherboard should be grounded via the 24 pin power connector.  However I was stumbling through the comments of a Linus Tech tips video, and I noticed that someone else had the same motherboard as me and also heard a strange buzzing noise in their headphones.  Perhaps the motherboard has an actual malfunction where it is incorrectly grounded causing background noise.


Optical connection to the DAC in all likelihood will fix this problem because optical being light waves should not have this issue.


Here are my PC specs in case anybody wants to know.

Asus Rampage IV formula

I7 3820

gtx 670 4gb 3 way sli

16gb 4x 4gb 16--mhz vengeance ram

NZXtswitch 810 case

Silverstone 1200w PSU


Audio setup

computer -USB- Glow audio dac -RCA- schiit Mjolnir -4pinXLRbalanced- audeze lcd-2 rosewood


The DAC I am looking into buying is the schiit gungir as I have heard that it is an excellent DAC that compliments the Mjolnir very well.


Thanks all

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Is everything properly grounded? (the DAC included)
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I am not sure.  I believe the DAC would be grounded via the USB.  The motherboard should be grounded by the powersupply which is grounded by the 3 pin power plug.  


Not really sure on this one.  Any ideas on manually grounding the motherboard or DAC safely?

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The things is if it buzzes while touching the pc case that suggests some kind of ground issue. I'd advice you to get an USB hub
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I feel like a USB hub wouldn't fix anything because most USB hubs connect via a USB port anyways.  So the sound would likely be carried.

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It's likely that the GFCI outlet you tried before had a good ground, and the outlet in your room has a bad ground and is noisy.

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I don't think this is the case because a laptop while connected with the power cable has none of these issues.  I will, however, try taking my desktop downstairs and see if it makes a difference.

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Laptops are usually 2 prong and isolated by their power supplies from ground completely since these cables are usually two wire non-polarized. A desktop will not be isolated, as the third wire ground WILL be ground. So I still think it's a bad ground on the plug.

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Try a different plug then?

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