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My criteria.

Good noise isolation. I work in a fairly noisy environment and that's where I would be using them primarily.

Comfortable, although I'm not one of those that is really picky about IEMs. Even cheap crappy ones don't bug me.

Retention. I'm on my feet moving around at work, so I need a pair that doesn't fall out every time you move your head. Over the ear would be nice I suppose, but I don't care as long as they stay in place reasonably well.

Sound quality. I listen mostly to rock and metal, so a slightly heavy low end is fine. I want the bass to be there, but I still want accuracy. No boomy, muddy nonsense. Mids and highs should be clean and detailed. I want to be able to pick out individual instruments and vocals easily.

My source is an android phone, running winamp. I use mp3's, but I can switch to FLAC if it was warranted. I also use a CMOY amp that I built. Nothing fancy, just the reference design.

Price. I'd like to be in the $150 range, but might go upwards of $200.

Just to give you and idea of what I've heard, at home I have an old STAX, the kind that you plug into this box that lets you connect them to a standard amp. They basically have no bass, but I do like how crystal clear the sound is. I had some of the lower end Grado cans as well. I liked them fine but didn't care for the open design since I'm rarely in a totally quiet room while listening. So I sold them and got a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50, I like them fairly well. I don't think they're quite as detailed as the Grados but close enough, and the bass is better.

So anyway, thanks for any suggestions.