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Fiio E1 ?

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I have an iPod Classic (the last generation), and the Sony XBA-4.

The iPod's sound is correct, but that's all. So, I was wondering if it could be enhanced...

Besides, the iPod classic has an output impedance around 5 Ohms. My earphones, the Sony XBA-4 have an impedance around 8 Ohms.


As you may have noticed, the combination iPod Classic + XBA-4 is... flawed. The output impedance of an earphone should be 8 times beyond the output impedance of the source ( Am I right ? ). So, the output impedance of my source should be around 1 Ohms.


So, I thought of the Fiio E1. It's really small, and is supposed to enhance the sound. 


Has anybody tried it ? Does it really enhance the sound ?


And what is the output impedance of the Fiio E1 ?


Thanks for advance :)

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Nobody ?
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E1 is fine, but it is also limited in power. E6 might be a better choice, both in SQ and power. You might need to get a LOD though. If you don't mind double amping, there is also the E02i.

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Thank you for your Answer

I would really like a very small thing, not somerthing too heavy, as the iPod Classic is already quite heavy.

And what about the output impedance of the E1 ? And the E6 ? Would it be better for my xba-4 ?
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Output impedance on almost all the FiiO amps are very low (less than 1ohm), except for E9 / E09K (10ohm)

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Ok thanks !


So this would be a very good thing for my xba-4...

Well, thank you for you answers, I think I'll go with the E6 :)

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I have the E1 and I like it for the clean sound (no hiss) and the little extra added bass elements. And it works if you need a little extra cord for your rig. It powers Triple Fi 10's well enough to use on a daily basis.


I have no idea if it's "correct" but it functions well - except for the buttons - they get bumped once and you are on to the next song.


The product itself is decent in quality - had mine for a year with no complaints. Just beware when buying online because there are fakes aplenty.

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