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Which headphone among these two will sound louder at same position volume knob ?

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Which of the 2 headphones LCD-X rated 22 ohms & 96 db or TH-900 rated 25 ohms & 100 db will sound louder at a given volume ? Or which will be easier to drive ? I know the lower the impedance the easier, and the higher the sensitivity , also  the easier, but combining both, or calculating that , I don't know how to figure it out . Thanks

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I think you'll be wasting your money with both of them but the answer to your question is TH-900. 

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Originally Posted by squallkiercosa View Post

I think you'll be wasting your money with both of them but the answer to your question is TH-900. 

Thanks, but why would I be wasting money with both headphones ?

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-"First off, I am going to reiterate a point which I have made in several other articles since many of our readers are not familiar with the audiophile world when it comes to sound quality. With high end audio equipment, the value per dollar greatly decreases as you go up the cost ladder. For example, a piece of audio equipment that costs twice as much may only sound slightly better. But this is what the audiophile world is all about. People spend big bucks on audio equipment to get ultimately great sound rather than spend less and maybe settle for only great sound. And remember, good sound quality is a very personal thing. If it sounds good to you, you have accomplished your goal, (but to be on the safe side, you might just consider avoiding listening to someone else’s audiophile setup)."

- "...I've learned that once you get up to a certain level in the audiophile headphone world, one headphone is not necessarily better than another"....

Copyright © 2009 Bill K and Listening Station

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I understand your point, and I'm aware of that. I have a lot of high end audio equipment, and sometimes you pay a lot to improve very very little, but I keep tweaking my system here and there. That theory also applies to every audio equipment, headphones related or not,  amp, DAC, etc...wether it's worth it's price or not, is subjective. I already have the LCD-3 and love them, and I know that they're probably overpriced, but that's a different subject. I thought you had something against the LCD-X or TH-900 both not being good headphones.

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When people ask about low/high volume from particular headphones implies the user doesn't have an amp or is looking to play music directly from a smartphone or mp3 player. If you have the LCD-3 probably have an amp too so my apologies. Listening hi-end headphones from poor sources is just a waste. Sometimes is better to educate and not push head-fiers to buy expensive gear because they can. Enjoy 

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No problem,  I think you and me discussed about LCD-3/2 with DX-100 in another thread, and here I was looking to get the most from my DX-100 without an external amp, and I think quality wise, LCD-X and TH-900 are very close, and I would be happy with either, so I wanted the more efficient one of the two. Thanks again.

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Now that you mention yes, I remember hehe. 

I'm not that sure they ship to Canada. the th600 for 700$


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That was my first thought the TH-600 and we have them in Canada also, but sensitivity is 94 db, so I might go with the TH-900 at 100db.

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Well I ordered the TH900, waited 5 weeks and received them. Now with the DX100, where I had to go medium gain maxed volume or high gain half way (depends on the recording) with the LCD-3,  and even like that, sound was a little on the thin side ( none of that bass i'm used to with the LCD-3)the TH900 works on low gain, and between half and 3/4 volume, and no problem with the bass at all, very punchy and dynamic. But there`s one little thing; even though I burned them about 60 or 70 hours, I still find the high end on the bright side, and can`t get used to that. And if I listen a long time with the TH900, I find the LCD-3 lacking clarity or something. I guess I got so  used to Audeze sound  for last couple of years with the LCD-2 & 3, and now find other HP bright on the top end. Maybe if I had the Fostex first, and then tried the Audeze, I would find them too dark. So I guess I`ll be putting my TH900 for sale on ebay, and if I`m lucky to sell them, I might get the LCD-X, which is half way in sensitivity between the LCD-3 and the TH-900.

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Still suspect the problem is the ibasso and not the headphones. Was it the same driven by a cellphone or an ipod? Almost all my headphones sound ok and loud enough using my iphone to be honest. 

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My TH900 are very loud on the DX100. I never have to go medium or high gain, low gain is pretty loud with them, and not even maxed, about 60 or 70% volume. So the TH900 have no loudness issues at all. I just find them a little bright for my taste on the high end, and I miss the midrange that I have on my LCD-3, Fostex seems to be lacking here, and most of what I listen is vocal and acoustic. They seem to have plenty of bass and plenty of  treble, but very little mids.. I tried them on my BHA-1, and it's same story. You know every person has some different taste in speakers or HP. A year ago I got the HD800, and could not stand them at all with my BHA-1, and sold them after one week. I'm very happy with the LCD-3. To some others, it's the opposite:   they  find the Audeze bad and love the HD800 >>>,

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