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What will happen to EMI Classics?

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I have been away from music for several years now, but again am listening and buying CDs. Looking at some of the EMI recordings I wish to get though, I see many of them are out of print, and upon further investigation it seems the EMI catalog has been embroiled in a takeover and merger morass. My question is, for those who keep up on these matters, and there seem to be plenty of knowledgeable classical music enthusiasts on this forum, what can be now expected? Will these recordings be reissued on CD under different labels? There is just so much great music at stake here.

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Guess we need to keep an eye out for Warner Classics label :

Ah, sorted :

Current catalogue :

It may be the case that new releases and pricing are still appearing in accordance with plans already in place under previous management. Certainly some great value boxed sets there...

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Yes what used to be EMI Classics is now Warner Classics (for a very short while it belonged under the Universal Classics banner -- confusing, I know).  Since the change I'm seeing large number of big budget-line box sets, and it seems the new management wastes no time raiding the EMI Classics back catalog.  However, I'd imagine Warner is not particularly interested in taking risks, and they might sell the rights of truly esoteric stuff to specialist rerelease labels like Brilliant Classics.


Erato has been resurrected to accommodate what used to be Virgin Classics, as both labels have a very French bent.

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